FURY – Official Trailer

I posted a preview video before, this is the actual trailer:

fury-brad-pittLooks well done.  Good cast.  I know a lot of you are pissed off Shia LaBeouf is in it though. Out of everyone they could have cast instead, I think it’s weird they picked him too… I’ll save my judgement until I see how he is when I see it though.

Thoughts?  Looking better than ever?


9 responses to “FURY – Official Trailer”

  1. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    I’m in.

  2. Critter Avatar

    So, “Saving Private Ryan” with tanks?

  3. So they borrow a rare as fuck Sherman from a museum, then return it broken. Cool, shit happens in movie production, I get that. But that part in the trailer where their magical sherman takes multiple fucking TIGER shots and brushes it off? Cops get “Training Day”, EOD and Engineers get “Hurt Locker”, now tankers get this stuff.

    1. Hollywood…you gotta love it! Shermans had a speed advantage, but definitely wasnt taking Tiger rounds. Hey, maybe theres an explaination not revealed in the trailer.

  4. Hard_Harry Avatar

    The trailer makes it come off very saving private ryanish. That said I think it’ll be pretty good.

  5. Looking good. That being Saud, I truly cannot stand Shia Lewhaterver. He is beyond simply being out-cast by Michael Pena (an excellent actor that deserves much more recognition), let alone Brad Pitt. Seriously, I can’t stand the little shit- read up on his antics if you’re wondering why. Hate for that guy aside, I will pay to see this in a theater. Will almost certainly operate with.

  6. Haha, didn’t even read the article, in which the author recognizes the (justified) animosity. The kid is a no talent turd, and it makes me sick to see him in a uniform he has no business wearing. He’s an entitled, talentless little hack-turd. I like that though, hack-turd. Has a nice ring… I feel better now.

  7. Im in. Wish I didn’t have to wait til November to see it.

  8. Was good. :)