Talk Shit Get Shot

ICE-T’s group BODY COUNT is back up in this:

LOL at that intro. “I prefer lemonade”.

Creepy-Ass-CrackerI hate white bread, I hate white teeth, I hate white grapes, I hate Walter from breaking bad because his last name is White, I hate clouds….  Creepy cracker-ass-crackers in the video had it coming amirite? :P

Those Body Count windbreakers with the crest look badass.

Hat tip: Andrew


12 responses to “Talk Shit Get Shot”

  1. Is Ice-T now the officially the first gangsta member of NAARP?

    1. dogxhead Avatar


    2. Maybe he can team up with Ice Cube and start NWAAARP

  2. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    AWESOME. I have the original Body Count album ON TAPE that includes the Cop Killer track that was later removed. Just sayin’.

    1. Yep, got that, too! Classic.

  3. KneeShot Avatar

    Hell Yeah! We have been due for some true “ultra-violence”. And how I woke up longing for the new Wu album due to drop this summer. Definitely letting my 6yr old watch this. It can’t be any worse then my cousins turning me on too License to Ill, NWA and Eazy duz It at that age. I can say “Son, violence is ok as long as you maintain the 4 firearm safety rules and don’t talk shit”. I do feel alittle left out of the video though, they could have shot some middle class white folks. Ironically the dude they capped on the skate board is someone who would probably like Body Count. They need to work on their target I.D. Body Count is a little week in the Accuracy Dept also, did you see the size of those groups? Ice, you and your crew need more time at the 25yd line bro with the B8 targets. I hope that is ok if I call you bro, right? Cuz I don’t want to get “Dusted with the Musket”!!

  4. This shit is Freddy Mercury gay.

  5. Meh, I’ll torrent it.

  6. Part of me wanted to tear it up and go hard. That part of me also got a chuckle out of the Moms Against Metal on that old ladies laptop.

    The other part of me thought, “Oh great, this will real help reduce violence, racism, and a bad firearm rights image.” Note sarcasm.

  7. SURVIVOR619 Avatar

    “f**k with me and catch a .223”, “get dusted with a musket”…. Haha~

  8. That might be the dumbest thing ive ever seen. I hope he pops out of my phone so I can slap him.

  9. xPressureDropx Avatar

    that breakdown tho.