Instructor Zero Is Quick On The Trigger

He may not be Jerry Miculek fast… but he’s fast:

Accurate too.  I’d like to see him and Jerry face off in a video.  Just for lolz I’d want there to be a long 2 way conversation about anything at all before hand just so I could hear Jerry be like “What?” “Huh?” “Sorry I don’t understand what you’re trying to say”.

This guy must go through A LOT of ammo in a month.  I hope being a Tier 0 instructor pays for it all and more.

Instructor-Zero-LogoHow long until training schools start guest hosting Instructor Zero?  Is he famous enough?  Will he eventually get his own derp satchel / life helmet holder like Christ Costa?



8 responses to “Instructor Zero Is Quick On The Trigger”

  1. The rumor is that he’s a former Italian soldier of some flavor. He’s certainly Italian anyway. And based on the couple interviews I’ve seen, humble too. That alone is a breath of fresh air. I like the guy thus far.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      If he and Jerry ever shoot together, Jerry can brag for him.

  2. The Creepy Guy Avatar
    The Creepy Guy

    Eennstroucktoor Zeero ies quick oon zee trigoure

  3. The Creepy Guy Avatar
    The Creepy Guy

    Holy fuck i just actually watched that! Damn he’s fast!

    1. This is a better video that shows how fast he really is. I have to admit he is growing on me. Actions speak louder than words! –

  4. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    does anyone have anything solid on his background? I kinda like the guy.

  5. I really, really want to see a vid of him doing force on force with simunitions.

    1. That Creepy Guy Avatar
      That Creepy Guy

      Yes! CAN YOU HEAR US ZERO! Force on force. Haley and Costa VS Zero. Zero will win.