12GA Shotgun JuJubes

Taofledermaus with some science:

JujubeCandyWhoa whoa hold up *skreeeeeeeeech* “JEW-JEW-BEE”? Now that I see the package there is a bee on it so maybe that is how it’s pronounced. We always called them “JEW-JEWBS” though. My memory of them is that my great grandma always had a bowl of them which were all rock hard. If that wasn’t bad enough, they soaked up the taste of the other candies they were stored with such as mints and chocolates. haha

The thing I love about Taofledermaus is that he does his videos for the sport of it, and he’s real personable.  Quarter million subs too *Obama face* not bad… not bad.


4 responses to “12GA Shotgun JuJubes”

  1. Everyone knows its joo-joo-bees. Even in the future they know it…

  2. LongBeach Avatar

    Dude it’s joo-joobs. They’re retarded for spelling it wrong. One more ‘E’ and everything would’ve been cool, but you don’t spell something wrong and then demand we all say it differently cuz you fucked up. At best, taking it syllable by syllable, it’s joo-joo-bess. C’mon son…

    1. Babalooey Avatar

      Yup. And you can chaw down on your joojoobs while sittin’ in your Porch, a fine kraut kar.

  3. John F. Avatar

    Jew. Jew. Bees.

    Always has been. Hopefully always will be.