Suffocation Operator Training

Instructor Zero likes to suffocate himself at the range, for “training purposes”:

So much science and sciencey graphics.

5:00 – HEAD SHOTTTTTTS all day.  It’s obvious Instructor Zero’s body thrives on adversity.

Instructor-ZeroIf I were Zero’s pole-guy I’d troll the shit out of him when he pulls these shenanigans.

I really thought the video would be more exciting… like him blacking out while forward rolling to engage the targets for the 40th time.

Thoughts?  Useful thing to train for?  Going to try it next time you hit the public range? :P


6 responses to “Suffocation Operator Training”

  1. pointblank4445 Avatar

    This is why they have to put those warnings on dry cleaning bags. Did he think this up after rough sex session turned into a gunfight? How does one think this shit is a good idea…let’s put bags over our head and shoot at targets on a stick.

    1. heavyfire7537 Avatar


  2. They’re gonna find zero dead on the range like ol’ David Carradine

  3. Beavis Avatar

    Why not just tape over the filters on the mask?

  4. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    I bet you’d like to be his pole guy now wouldn’t you?

  5. So my body armor will suffocate me? Really? I guess I’ve been lucky, 15+ years wearing it and not one body armor related self-strangulation. Just to be safe I will stop wearing armor.

    For a guy who struggles with the English language like big Zero, who thought having him speak while wearing a gas mask would help?