Sam Wants To Talk About Guns

I was emailed a link to this rant by blog reader Kyle, a few days ago.  I’ll cut and paste a few “interesting” excerpts below, but I urge you to go read the full article at SucksToBeSam.


Since the Newtown, Conn. shooting which left 20 children and six staff members dead, there have been 74 school shootings.

First off, the 74 school shootings in 18 months “fact” was bullshit… even CNN disproved it.

People are confusing a necessity with a hobby. Coming from the midwest and being raised by a man who wakes up at the crack of dawn every fall to hunt just like his father and the father before him did, one might argue that hunting and guns are a way of life. The belief that hunting is a lifestyle is as much bullshit as every hunter’s deers stand story that has ever been sold.

Oh word?  Defending freedom is a hobby?

The most basic understanding of the 2nd Amendment is that it is the right to bear arms, which is sort of true, but you shouldn’t use the Cliff Notes version of a controversial portion of the Bill of Rights.

He goes on to demonstrate his tenuous grasp of the 2nd Amendment and declare why it’s not really needed any longer.

One of my least favorite arguments that pops up every time I try to have a conversation with someone is, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Fuck that. 100 times fuck that. The Sandy Hook shooter would have a harder time killing 26 people if he was running around an elementary school with a baseball bat.

I’ll give him that one, but guns aren’t going anywhere.  The whole point of guns is that they do kill people… scumbags who want to hurt you, hurt someone you love, take away something that is yours etc…  That whole paragraph of his basically made the case for fixing how mental health is dealt with, which I totally agree with.  Crazy is the problem, not guns.

Would you be willing to give up a “right” so someone you never met could live their lives instead of being gunned down in a once-a-week school shooting? The answer should be a resounding yes, but as we’ve seen, it’s more complicated than that.

No, because the chance of getting killed in a school shooting is incredibly slim.  What’s next, I give up vehicles? Electricity? Fatty foods? Swimming? Trampolines?


Hat tip: Kyle


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  1. kosherbacon Avatar

    There must be a section in the gun-grabber’s handbook stating that one should, whenever possible, bring up coming from a family of hunters, because someone else’s expertise justifies their fudd-ass attitudes. It’s almost as bad as “My husband’s secret boyfriend’s cousin’s dad’s roommate from college was a USMC Navy Seal Delta Force marksmanship instructor and he says assault rifles are too awesomely destructive for anyone’s needs. Also you can’t hunt with them.”

  2. I guess it really does suck to be Sam. His lack of facts, assumptions, double-standards, browbeating, and overall anti-right attitude speaks loudly. These people are getting desperate. You beat them down again and again with real facts and logical arguments, only to watch them ignore those facts to try to pervert the next mind that isn’t aware of the deplorable tactics used by these clowns. This is what they want…they want mob rule. Their only hope is to get some sort of majority…51 people to disarm the other 49. And they are willing to use the force of government to do it. Which means stripping rights and arms at the end of a muzzle. What could go wrong? It is sheer lunacy. But it’s much more than that. It is anti-rights. It is anti-Constitution. It is anti-American.

    Yes Sam…it does suck to be you.

    1. That Creepy Guy Avatar
      That Creepy Guy

      “The Sandy Hook shooter would have a harder time killing 26 people if he was running around an elementary school with a baseball bat.”

      Against grade school kids? Probably not.

      Try this on for size: In an alternate universe, Guns are already completely illegal in America, have been since JFK. They are in fact so scarce that the Sandy Hook shooter is not able to attain one. So, in order to carry out his mass murder he constructs a series of primitive yet effective hand grenades. He carries a load of these to the school and starts pumping them in windows and doors.
      How many dead, how many wounded, now? 100?

      Bombs are already illegal, but you could never ban the ingredients, or the knowledge (even with a heavily censored press).

      Banning shit doesn’t work, but everyone here knew that.

      1. Quint Young Avatar
        Quint Young

        “Banning shit doesn’t work”

        Yep, my thoughts exactly. If they ban guns they’ll just go away for ever right? Just like when crack or meth where outlawed and disappeared from the face of the planet never to be seen again. /sarcasm

      2. Stan Darsh Avatar
        Stan Darsh

        Exactly. The Bath School Disaster proved that one, and had the 500 pounds of explosives under the south wing detonated, it could have easily been over 100 kids killed.

  3. “……a harder time killing 26 people if he was running around an elementary school with a baseball bat.”

    You know what? With all the crazy weird stuff that went on in the media after the shooting, I’m honestly not ready to eliminate “baseball bat” as a possible murder weapon yet.

    1. If you really want to watch a lefty’s head explode, do what I did back after Newtown happened with a fellow lib co-worker and ask them if the incident would upset them as much if the little shit stain shooter had lifted the keys to a cement mixer and drove it into the side of of the school at 75 or 80 mph with a full load of concrete.

  4. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Everyone knows you never go full retard. The progressive playbook is getting very interesting. They are starting to realize that their tactics are not winning the hearts and minds of their intended marks. This vomit inducing piece has all of the “qualifiers” for this newest form of gun control propaganda. Midwesterner, check. Descendant of a long lineage of hunters, check. “Supposed” gun owner who actually acknowledges that guns are fun, check.

    This is one slick piece of collectivist bullshit. It’s like the almost perfect psyops. He sounds like one of us, but he is nothing but a turncoat. I have to give him an “A” for effort. But still, a turd wearing a tux is still a turd.

  5. jim bob Avatar

    I don’t think his name is Sam. He sounds more like a Dick

  6. 29 people killed by mass stabbers in China. Place called Kunming. It happened this year.

    Yeah..*guns* are the problem..not the people.

    What was the excuse before we had guns and gunpowder?

    1. We must ban all crossbows.
      We must ban all bows and arrows.
      We must ban all swords and knives.
      We must ban all sharp sticks.
      We must ban all rocks.
      We must ban all hands and feet…and of course knees, elbows, and heads.
      We must ban people.
      People start as smaller people, so we must ban children.

      Ban children. It’s for the children. If eradicating all children will save just one childs life it will all be worth it!

      Hey wait a minu..

    2. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Notice they also where not elementary school kids, yet he still got 29 people. 29 full grown adults who could and probably did defend themselves. Just saying.

  7. DJ Clutch Cups Avatar
    DJ Clutch Cups

    I agree that all children should be banned. Always sneezing on you and breathing through their mouths. Yuck.

  8. I glossed over the link. They basically summarize that because humanity by its very nature is chaotic and unpredictable, they cannot be trusted to their own devices. Sounds like your typical 007-grade villain ultimate motivation for their humanity ending doomsday device.

  9. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar

    I got angry and wrote a diatribe only to find out that I couldn’t post it…maybe someone that has an account can relay my anger for me

    “So much fail in this article…

    How about instead of taking the rights away from people we focus on the real issue. The fact that insurance providers don’t cover mental health disorders and gaining access to prescriptions for anti-psychotics is outrageously expensive.

    ’32k people died last year in auto accidents, 10k of which were drunk drivers…therefore we should ban cars and alcohol’

    That is the logic that you are pursuing and it does not make a damn bit of sense. Yes guns kill people, we know. That’s why we carry guns, so that we can protect ourselves against the maniacs that our politicians refuse to help. Even our soldiers returning home can’t get good health care after sacrificing so much for the country. It really does put it in perspective. We have soldiers with PTSD and civilians with mental health, but the first thing that we should do is surrender our rights?

    Whats next after the second? Should we go after the first, maybe the third. It’s a very slippery slope to take a document that clearly states that weapons are to remain, and twist into, ‘weapons are ok, only if the Police and Corrupt Politician’s say so.’Outlawing guns will have no effect on crime and school shootings.

    If anything the effect will be drastically worse. The ban on alcohol only served to create massive amounts of wasteful government spending and an all out expansion of organized crime. Look at what happened in California. Guns are banned by a local government official, yet the same official that’s constraining the market place is bringing in guns illegally. An official that liberal democrats voted into office.

    (Side note alcohol, listening to music, smoking, premarital sex, personal firearm ownership and basically all the fun aspects of life are banned by Muslim extremist…their society looks like so much fun (SARC))

    The War on Drugs has done nothing but constrain the market, drive to cost of product through the roof, provide criminals with higher and higher pay offs, waste American tax dollars and allow for more corruption within the government.

    I’ve always found it interesting that liberals whine about the government and the police. They were the 1%-er’s rallying against the government. But two months later, were the same people voting for free ‘government’ health care. Two months later, after the Police and Cops had tazed, abused, and beaten the living shit out of them, the same exact people are crying for, the Gov. and the Police, to take firearms away.

    The same people that were ranting about firearms being out of control and wanting police to do something got angry when the Albuquerque cops shot a homeless, crazy guy, camping out in the mountains. Right, lets all just hand over the one thing that helps level the playing field against corruption and crime.”

  10. Does anyone else read Anti-Gun stuff in a whiny voice?

    I just realized when I start to read this crap that in my head a whiny little voice comes out while I read it.

  11. I always find it hypocritical that a blogger, who has the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, to always defend the aforementioned rights without defending any other rights. I’m a strong believer in the First Amendment, because it allows you to easily make yourself look ill-informed on a particular issue.

    In this particular case, the blogger forgot to look at the actual statistics. For the past 30-years, per the FBI , the number of mass school shootings (to include shootings to-and-from going to school, caused by staff or students) have been stagnate. 30-years ago, there were 80+ million less people who’ve populated our country. When you factor this in, the Per capita rate of school shootings have gone down significantly.

    Bloggers, like SucksToBeSam, will state that the Second Amendment originally meant “muskets” which implies there were no school mass shootings when muskets were around. SucksToBeSam completely neglects the history of mass school shootings. Enoch Brown was one of the first recorded mass shootings in 1764. In addition to some of the children being shot, some were scalped and two survived the scalping. Enoch Brown was a pretty nasty school shooting, and the revenge was pretty horrible as well.

    I’ll still have the conversation with my children what to during a shooting, because we cannot ignore history. Yet, I won’t constantly put them in fear that a mass school will happen at their school, because the statistics show otherwise.

  12. ^^^

    1. Hah! Got it before my post even went up. Nice response time.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Haha thanks. Yea I’m pretty quick sometime.

  13. it's my day off Avatar
    it’s my day off

    i’ll give up my gun when you give up your car. okay? okay.