Air Force PyroLance Water Gun

Check out how the Air Force fights fires more effectively:

Damn that’s really cool.  Powerful enough to penetrate concrete block walls and steel up to 1/2″ thick! 

Ban high pressure water!  Ban granite abrasive material! :P

PyrolancePyrolance has a website you can check out with tons more videos, pictures, and info.  If you ask me, that looks like a good system for every type of firefighter.  *roll up on burning house, jam pyrolance against outside wall.  Chill like a boss while you flood the house with water… hi-5 and go for beers*.  Yea yea I know, there could be people and pets inside the house which need to be rescued.  Firefighting is exhausting even talking about.  If it were all about pumping iron, eating meals together, and calendar shoots I think It would have been a career path I would have liked.

Pyrolance needs picatinny rails, and keymod…. not to mention a high quality optic for long range fire extinguishing.


Hat tip: Alan


10 responses to “Air Force PyroLance Water Gun”

  1. jim bob Avatar

    These need to be preemptively heavily regulated. There is no need for non LEO use or possession, and no sporting application.

    (pre)Ban Assault water Guns.

    God forbid civilians got their hands on this, they would load it with soda and make Bloomberg a sad panda.

    1. you mean moochelle?

  2. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Sumner is almost here – Time to replace that sadly underpowered old Super Soaker.

    1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
      GreenMountain Human

      *summer* damn autocorrect…

      1. Beaumont Avatar

        Sumner really is almost here. He just walks very slowly.

  3. LongBeach Avatar

    So, what happens if there’s an aviator on the other side of that fuselage metal when they go blasting through? Death by water while surrounded by fire. That sounds pleasant.

  4. F35 is actually made of cinderblocks, it all makes sense now…

    1. Ha! :-)

  5. Grindstone Avatar

    Buddy of mine is a ANG firefighter on deployment right now. I’m going to ask him if he gets to play with this. He does get to play with some cool stuff.

  6. Punk ass chair force. My pressure cleaner already does work on sidewalks and painted surfaces!