FURY – Trailer

First look at a new movie about a WWII tank unit:

fury-brad-pittGreat cast, and looks like it will be a great story.  I’ll have to watch this one.


6 responses to “FURY – Trailer”

  1. Great there are enlisted guys! Nothing ruins the premise of military movies faster than having officers depicted as interesting, clued in, or working for a living. I can’t willfully suspend my disbelief when that happens.

    Er, not that I’m bitter.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      carl, why don’t you get a broader brush to paint with? Geez, what an asshole comment to make.

  2. Oddball > Pitt. Nuff said

  3. Will Smith Avatar
    Will Smith

    Anyway they can digitally remove Shia LeBeof from the film?

  4. elephantrider Avatar

    This is shot on real film, a rarity these days. I’m surprised they paid for actual film.

  5. I was an Abrams crewman. Will watch.

    If you havent seen Lone Survivor yet, its worth watching at least once.