Yoga Pants Dad Wear And S&W No Thumb Safety Shield

Using yoga pants to sell a firearm:

S&W-M&POk so what I got from that it’s good for wear with yoga pants and dad wear.  Good looking out S&W for actually listening to customers!

Initially I thought the commercial was headed in the direction of the sexualized Glock 42 commerical I blogged about a while back.



9 responses to “Yoga Pants Dad Wear And S&W No Thumb Safety Shield”

  1. If the point of the video was to show how slim the handgun is, they should have done a better job concealing the handgun. It was printing pretty bad underneath that polo.

  2. It seems that the Glock .380 is for lonely people wanting to hook up while the Shield is for good looking people who are already getting some. What’s that? Oh I carry a Shield of course.

  3. Critter Avatar

    needs more arse in them yoga pants to be really effective.

  4. This is the same commercial that they did a while ago, simply updated for the two new models.

  5. “I’m just a normal guy, walking down the street to get a coffee WITH A HANDGUN.”

  6. But they still won’t make me a .357 Sig model. Oh I know what you’re going to say. “Just get a .40 with a conversion barrel, noob!” No. I don’t want a .40 with a conversion barrel. That is stupid. It would look terrible to post pictures on Arfcom of my M&P collection where one of them has the wrong number engraved into the slide. Get real.

  7. Damond Avatar

    This is the original Shield commercial. They just edited in the generic intro of the no-thumb-safety model at the beginning and end. They only showed the original model during the live action commercial. And I don’t know any white middle class woman that would run through the runned down industrial part of town. But it’s good smith finally started taking the thumb safety off and filling in the frame cutout. I’m sure that took two years to modify frame molding machine. But good job.

  8. Ranger G Avatar
    Ranger G

    Uhm, kinda mega-print on the guy. Thumb safety or not, obvious as sin….

  9. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    All i noticed was that the male felt he needed a gun but not that he shouldnt leave the gun unloaded right inside his fron door which was unlocked very starnge