Modern Musket

PWS makes a feel good video for a new line of rifles:

0:37 – RKBA is Right to Keep And Bear Aresol (and spray it in kids faces) #MERICA

I’m really not a fan of the term “Modern Musket“.  It appears to be one of those brands made solely to educate people on why the 2nd Amendment actually does include rifles like AR-15s and not just muskets that the founding fathers had… I get it but I don’t talk to anti-gun brick walls, so I can’t relate.  Additionally, I think a lot more care should have been put into their designs so they don’t look so Microsoft Paint-ish. The website in general needs massive work too… but hey whatever pays the bills.  I’m sure plenty of people must be buying that stuff.

Modern-MusketThe makers of the videos PWS on the other hand, and their cartoon Half Cocked is (was? Is it still even around?) so terrible it hurt my soul, I actually get excited for them when they come out with something that isn’t as bad that.  Most of their videos are actually pretty good, and if nothing else have a high production value (like this one).



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  1. some_guy Avatar

    Hit me right in the feels.

  2. Scott Avatar

    #1 – Excellent Modern Musket logo.
    #2 – No eyes and ears for the DOGE?

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      #3 – Why would anyone shoot into a live tree?
      #4 – Where the hell do I find a cute blonde who is into guns?

      1. Scott Avatar

        5. Who is gossip girl?

        1. derpmaster Avatar

          #6 – How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

          1. Scott Avatar

            #7 – Where is Keyser Soze when you need him?

            1. Chase Avatar


              1. That Creepy Guy Avatar
                That Creepy Guy

                #9 Shitty knockoff Not-Cog scopes.

  3. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    Mag Grip? Really man?

  4. Cubbie Avatar

    I hadn’t heard the term modern musket until this (perhaps I need to read even more gun blogs!). While it can be considered part of the argument against gun control, I see it as referencing the bond between the founding of our country and today, and the freedoms they fought for and we continue to fight for. And that logo drives the point home, striking the pin on the head, so to speak.

    1. I’m with you, this term is new to me as well, and it gives validity to the anti-gunners statement that “arms” meant muskets. I’m sorry, I hadn’t heard that arms were redefined as only muskets. I guess the military needs to get some muskets. All those military arms must be some other category then “arms” then.

      Where I think it would be a good thing to define “arms” to be small arms, I’m afraid if the government today tried to define it we’d all be holding sticks and knives.

      The founding fathers seemed more generous in their trust of power to the people then today’s politicians.

  5. Lol no backup irons? It’s clear they don’t operate in operations.
    Although in all seriousness why would you not have them?
    Good video though, but hey, like Endo Mike said, anything from PWS is better than half cocked

      1. I can agree with that, of course I started out with irons before getting an aimpoint so I guess that’s why, and I also use them for a more accurate setup at longer ranges so I suppose I’m a little biased to begin with

  6. Grindstone Avatar

    I thought the right-wing “values” and prayer stuff was a bit circle-jerky, but otherwise not bad.

    When someone tosses out the “founding fathers couldn’t envision automatic weapons” crap, not only do I counter with the fact that automatic weapons did in fact exist prior to 1776, but my favorite line is “they also couldn’t envision the Internet”.


    1. Me again Avatar
      Me again


  7. JRKey Avatar

    Special thanks to DinoRidingArab for fucking up the ENDO numerical reply system.

  8. Confusias Avatar

    The site is definitely in dire need of a code update but that logo owns.

  9. pointblank4445 Avatar

    So sappy, I had to wipe myself with a pancake. At least they didn’t use the “sheepdog” cliche’.