Brownells Bowfishing Tutorial

Like shooting fish in a ____.  Brownells tells us what we need, and how to do it:

YEAH!  Why passively dangle a line in the water when you have the option of shooting a fish with an arrow?  Looks and sounds rewarding.  The first I ever heard of this was my cousin Austin bought a bowfishing setup a few years back when he came to visit me.  I thought he was trolling me at first but then he showed me a few videos and my mind was blown.

If you remember, CarnikCon even did a video on bowfishing carp because they are actually an eco weapon to destroy US waterways.  Matt Dillon even made a fish gun video just incase you find the idea of bowfishing too mundane.

Russian-Grenade-FishingI’m ’bout that shotgun tuna life.  #HowImLivin

Thoughts?  Ban assault bows?  Just wait until I invent a high capacity bow that fires 10 pitch forks into the water at a time.


2 responses to “Brownells Bowfishing Tutorial”

  1. 44MAG Avatar

    its a blast….give it a try… ;)

  2. Brownell’s sent me an email about a sale on bowfishing equipment a while back.

    On April 1st. I spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out whether it was real, or an elaborate hoax.