More Guns Equals More Danger?

Cartoonists gonna cartoon:


Hmmm yea whatever bro.  Maybe for starters you should have took 30 seconds to research the thing you’re trying to vilify. For starters, your more guns = more danger thing has been proven wrong over and over… secondly I only am assuming those things flying in the air are bullets because they sure don’t look like bullets.  Full cartridges flying in the air?… heh nice.  Better people than him have done the same thing, but I’m still not giving anyone any passes.


Hat tip: Weerd


4 responses to “More Guns Equals More Danger?”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Lol, what a crappy cartoon. I thought those were arrows at first; I was rather confused.

  2. more guns, it’s what turns one side massacres into a two way fight for survival

  3. Personally I would love a world where candy corn just flys around all willy-nilly! Or are those erasers?