Det Cord Apple Mac Pro Destruction

Normally I don’t get emotional when Richard Ryan destroys expensive stuff… but:

ARRRRRGH I want a mac pro… that was mean! :P  That profile is so sexy.

haha @ “trash bin design”.  The heat sink made dropping it into the water look really cool.  That’s pretty cool that it passed both water drop tests.  Is that some fancy 4k monitor he’s using to test it?  Just want to make sure I’m in the know about any affordable ones if they exist.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOCostly product to shoot up wow… I hope the payback for this type of video is handsome. The footage sure was awesome, so I imagine every tech blog and “cool stuff” site on the planet will put it up.

Richard is wearing a number of ENDO Apparel shirts in the video, which you can buy at the link to help support my Cheeto habit.

U mad that Richard is doing this? Det cord Patek Philippe and Ferrari etc… in the future?


5 responses to “Det Cord Apple Mac Pro Destruction”

  1. Ryan C Avatar

    Makes me sad but I’ve got one sitting on my desk waiting for me :)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Sweet! 4k monitors of some sort as well?

      1. Ryan c Avatar

        No. The only affordable 4k screen right now is around $750 and uses a TN panel, which is a deal breaker.

        Until I can get a couple of decent 4k monitors at ~1k each I’m rolling with the new LG 34UM95 21:9 widescreen monitor. It’s a stretched 1440p with great color and an awesome aspect ratio.

  2. jeremy Avatar

    Depends what definition of affordable you use I guess…

  3. GameChanger Avatar

    2:24 Hi Capacity Wire Drum Mag!