Jerry Miculek Grapes Us In The Mouth

Jerry gonna Jerry:

The Whitest Kids You Know:

LOL such a great skit.


7 responses to “Jerry Miculek Grapes Us In The Mouth”

  1. Atilla Avatar

    Mad props for grapist reference.

  2. Dracon1201 Avatar

    That and the wild west one with the water balloons are probably my two favorite! Props to you!!

  3. TheCreepyGuy Avatar

    Totally typical of humor from white privilege male misogynist society! Completely insensitive to women and children who have been victims of abuse. Did you know that up 227% of women and children have been mentally raped by a white male family member in their life time? That’s 483,372 thought-rapes per American gun owning household. That means that your 87% more likely to be raped if your children own guns. We need to end rape culture right here right now!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oh noes my white privilege guilt! :P

    2. lolinski Avatar

      Are…You being…. Sarcastic?

      …Calculating…Proper response…

      What is a “tought-rape”?

  4. Nakedgun Avatar

    Jerry is a registered grapist-offender. He may even be the grapest shooter ever.

  5. Zach Morris wants his shot timer back.