NOIR – S01E03 Guns Still Aren’t Evil & The Fall Of Amy Robbins

Flexin’ PRADA shoe tongue right off the bat, just to stunt on all you peasants still in Jordans etc…  I really hope the NRA is footing the bill writing off $700 shoes and misc. NewEra ball caps each episode for him.  Gotta stay fresh.

1:13 – Judging by a post I read on TTAG, “The Truth About Noir” was apparently a shot across the site’s bow.

I really thought this show would be more fun and humble, rather than confrontational.  Too much of this NRA stuff is geared towards reminding us how BAD AND WRONG people who don’t like guns are.  I’m sick of that… I really don’t give a shit if someone dislikes that I like guns, that I have a company in the industry etc… can we quit caring about that?  As I mentioned in the past, I don’t enjoy any aspect of politics so I suppose I’m ignorant to the NEED to convince people that guns aren’t actually bad just so we don’t end up with a president, and senators etc… who think further restricting gun ownership is acceptable.

3:01 – The truth about Amy?  Do any of us really care?  I think after episode 2 that question was already answered but do your thang girl.

9:35 – Jay Z Reasonable Doubt is on of my top5 favorite albums.  Pause the video and google it right now if you’re not familiar.

12:23 – “Than my good friend _____ (LaSalt?)” … who is this guy and why should I care about him?  I can’t make out the name, otherwise I’d just google him myself.  I like his country-club-Im-better-than-you-and-rich-AF-aura.  Look at you… then look at us.  AK his nightstand, right next to that bible. *2Chainz dance*  Would eat prawns, pop bottles, and LOL about gentrification with.

17: 12 – Begin way too long of a Daniel Defense advertisement, containing a fit / attractive girl who apparently swims in a wetsuit sometimes, and a t-shirt other times.  I know DD is a sponsor and all, but that shit was mad forced.

And cue the time stamp where I realized I’m fresh out of shits to give about Amy:

22:00 – In regard to smart guns “I literally unleashed a firestorm when I had posted a picture of a smartgun on my instagram… and, oh my gosh… I didn’t realize how many people out there absolutely hate even the thought or the idea of even bringing smart guns into this world because of the doors that it could open”

Old-MrColionNoirOh you unleashed a “firestorm” did you?  Well the post got 43 likes and 7 comments. The first comment was from a guy who politely said “I preferred if the smart gun thing never happens”, then 4 others echoed that sentiment.  HOLY SHIT WHAT A FIRESTORM OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS.  She straight bodied instagram’s servers with that single post. *smfh*

Suspiciously this girl only got an Instagram account around the same time there was talk about NOIR (3 months ago).   I can’t see her being around for long, she literally brings nothing to the show.  Having her parrot what Colion Noir says in a female tone is an insult to viewers’ intelligence.

Three episodes in, is this show what you thought it would be?  Thoughts?


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  1. Scott Avatar

    I won’t lie, I do find it a relatively entertaining show. I didn’t pay for it, so how could you really complain?

    If this was meant to be a jab at TTAG, I would say they aimed the missile squarely at the “cranky old fat white dude in the basement blogger”. It’s not the same perpetual sheepish rhetoric the TTAG masses chant, so I see why they feel the need to harshly critique. This web series isn’t for the TTAG crowd, it’s for a different crowd – a hipper, more fad oriented culture. You know, the people moving back into the cities post urban sprawl.. not the people moving to the hills so they can hide from the #gubment.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The fact it didn’t cost us any money doesn’t make it immune to criticism. I’m definitely not the only one criticizing aspects of it.

  2. TheBear Avatar

    I would like the show a lot more if Amy would go away. That’s her name, right? I can never remember.

  3. SNSjason Avatar

    It’s a shame they couldn’t get Kirsten Joy Weiss. I think it would be better for someone with a more long term perspective. If you’re not going to do that, then let Amy talk about things she’s learned as a new shooter and what some of her initial misconceptions were.

    This could be a lot more positive and less about us vs them. I’d like to see them actually showing how much fun they can be having rather than talking about everything in the abstract. Why not go out and meet up with some other youtubers like Richard Ryan and see what he’s all about. Do some interviews of people in the industry that aren’t crazy and have something to say (like Pincus, Ayoob, or JM). I was hoping this would be a bit more Top Gear with Guns and a bit less talking about their own show.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I agree KJW would have been a better choice. I think it’s beyond trying to turn Amy’s character around. At this point if she started talking about what you mentioned: Things she learned as a new shooter and her initial misconceptions, it would probably just come off as a script someone wrote just like the rest of her banter. Going to talk to YouTubers and well known industry people sounds like a great idea!

  4. blehtastic Avatar

    The first season of lots of good shows are really bad. I’m hoping this follows that same format, but yes, it’s very awkward and cringeworthy. I guess that’s to be expected when you take someone that was doing almost poetic, spoken word for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and tell them to do a half hour show.

  5. dgdimick Avatar

    I’ve suffered through three shows now. It’s gotten mildly better – but it still seems like they are still talking about what they want to do, rather then doing something. It’s got that “Let’s start a band” feeling when you where in High School. You’d sit around and talk about how great your band would be if we started one.

    I do think Amy is listening to the comments, Show 1, she worn that supper short mini, this lead into the baggy clown pants she wore for show 2, now it’s the black leather pants, and heals; Joan Jetts “Black Leather” kept running through my mind when she was talking. For the love of God!, give Amy a big kids seat, she looks like she’s sitting at the small kids table for Thanksgiving Dinner. Fire whoever is doing the makeup for the show, they look like some kind of Goa’uld.

    The Daniel Defense advertisement isn’t one that’s going to get me to go out and look at their kit, I like looking at pretty girls like everyone else, however, it seemed more like an advertisement for tampons or something; maybe I’m in the wrong demographics. Single Dad with three teens?

    1. jim bob Avatar
      jim bob

      “I do think Amy is listening to the comments,”

      i suggest she listen to more James Brown, specifically his thoughts on Hot Pants.

      1. dgdimick Avatar

        If Amy ever wears hot pants, how long will it takes us to figure out she’s Trolling us?

  6. Firearmhobbyist Avatar

    I don’t really like the show. It all seems very forced and non authentic. To tell you the truth, I like him better when he did youtube gun reviews.

  7. shockfish08 Avatar

    I want a Forgotten Weapons .com TV show that talks about and ONLY about guns, restoration, fabrication, history, theory of operation ext… No reality TV drama crap neither.

    1. That would kick ass! Use some high-end video equipment to do it, too!

  8. Gwolf Avatar

    Let’s get down to it.

    What we want to see is 15 minutes of hot chicks in skimpy clothes shooting cool guns.


    They should have sponsored Carnik Con.

  9. Carnik Con would have been way more funny haha they should sponsor him too!

    I really don’t like Noir picking a fight with TTAG. I like Noir’s videos because he puts a lot of effort into style and visuals but they are pretty lacking on substance. I would rather watch 3 minutes of Noir vs 3 minutes of anyone else because I like the pretty slow motion shots… but 40 minutes no thanks, i would rather watch 40 minutes of nutnfancy and actually feel like i learned something