164lbs of Tannerite Turns Barn to Dust

Tannerite or die:

Holy that was way more impressive than that 300lbs in a tree video. I’m guessing because the barn was an enclosed space, and smaller pieces were involved.


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  1. What a complete IDIOT! Did that ding dong even own that property? Or did he just “go down the road” and steal it?(that’s what taking others stuff and destroying it is-THEFT) He need about 500 lashes with a bullwhip as a warning to the other morons, and his nuts cut off so he won’t contaminate the gene pool. This wasn’t “cool” it was a federal felony;(the mask shows intent) and one that makes gun owners look like complete ass clowns. And just in case any of you other ass clowns want to “try this”; our “boy” is looking at Arson , trespass with intent (felony) use of explosive with intent (federal felony) use of firearm in a federal felony, if there was a second person you have RICO OR= twenty five years in a federal MAX. SEC. without parole . IF the US Att. is nice, and doesn’t charge terrorist intent = Life Without Parole. STUPID – and the dip put it all on you tube for the world to see.

    1. Rinse the sand out of your vagina Ray. Your comment is absolutely fucking retarded.

    2. It won’t be long, with videos like this, before tannerite becomes illegal.

      Nice work jackass.

    3. dgdimick Avatar

      I always like it when people think they know the law – IAMNAL

      1st – it mentioned it was his Dad’s barn, maybe you should listen to it again. Blowing something up is vandalism, not stealing. It’s the same as spray painting the side of a car.

      2nd – while it’s not a good idea to do this, currently there is not a law that prevents you from being a retard and making these types of videos, there isn’t a criminal code on the federal side that makes this a crime. It looks like mixed and used it where he mixed it all of these are allowed, why do you think you can buy Tanenerite?

      3rd – maybe you should re-read what the RICO statue, this video, and what he did, fails to fall under it. Wearing the mask just keeps him from having to deal with dumbasses like you.

      Like Seb said, please douche and wash the sand out.

    4. The barn in the video looks old and unsafe anyway. Farm country around here is littered with them. Property (old farms) taken over by the state park system also littered with them. It’s not a crime to tear down an unsafe barn on your own property. In fact, given the number of falling down unsafe old houses and barn on park property around here that kids may play in, seems more like a benefit to tear old stuff down. God only knows, entire blocks of vacant property in Baltimore could use some Tannerite.

      1. Tannerite as a safety device. Brilliant! It’s for the children. I think Detroit and Tannerite would go together like lamb and tunafish. :-0

  2. pointblank4445 Avatar

    If you gotta wear a mask…probably shouldn’t be postin’ it on the net.

  3. JRKey Avatar

    Stupid ass. Stock up on the tannerite now boys ’cause they will ban that shit before long because of fuck-sticks like this. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD!

  4. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    Isnt the max legal amount fifty lbs?

  5. lucusloc Avatar

    Umm, I got the distinct impression that this was their barn, and that it needed to come down (probably so it could be replaced.). they cleaned it out, and cleared it of metal. It probably took them days to clear out all the miscellaneous junk. How do you come to the conclusion it was not their barn?

    Now onto a valid criticism: unsafe explosives handling. They put it in the middle of the barn, which means that there was material between them and the explosives, which means that shrapnel *would* be heading their way. With that much explosives they should have been closer to a mile away from the detonation, not just a little more than a 100 yards.

    I do not mind people playing with big booms if they do it safely, but this was clearly risky.

  6. lmao
    ban assault tannerite

  7. fuckin ENDO. gettin all the good vids privated or deleted.

    1. LOL

  8. Seb, Gun owners preforming stupid childish acts of wonton destruction, help pass gun laws. You want a ban on explosives? Ammo? “assault weapons?” Because childish crap like this is how to get them passed. Implying someone is female and somehow less than you doesn’t make you look all tough and cool , it shows you to be far less than a man and not someone to be taken seriously. Grow up you stupid troll, even IF it was their barn( and the large yellow “no trespass” signs tell me it probably wasn’t) It was still stupid ,childish and felony criminal, and it and 13 year old Justin Beber fan boy attitudes like yours will be shown in congress as another example of why we cannot be trusted. Crap like this IS NOT COOL. It’s what the adults who ban things use to PASS BANS.

    1. Kevin Avatar

      Not that I disagree with you but congress can’t trust us we can’t trust congress, pretty good relationship we got going on here

    2. LOL Ray…don’t stroke out now. Your diatribes seems to be a mix of assumption, confusion, and a holier-than-thou attitude. My response to you is a hint that maybe you shouldn’t freak out quite so much. Based on your initial and secondary reactions, are you new to binary impact explosives and their subsequent applications? Are you completely unaware that people do this type of stuff from time to time? I think if you watched what can be done with a powder charge, an old house, and a cannon you would burst an artery and flail on the ground like a freshly caught fish. Here let’s see what happens:


  9. “video is private”

    1. I think this is the video here:


      The Nixon mask is a nice touch.

  10. jim bob Avatar
    jim bob

    “i felt the Nixon visage was en hommage to Point Break but did not mask the illegality of what was done. federal pound me in the ass prison, here he comes.”

    ———the committee to ban high capacity barns.

  11. My, my, my. A clip like this is troll bait at it’s finest and brings the closet critters out every single time.

    Ray, I don’t know you from Adam’s house cat and after your commentary I am pretty sure I would prefer not to at all. Your first amendment right means you can have your say. But don’t expect that it confers legitimacy or any measure of credibility to you. Somehow I envision you as being one of the folk howling to ban this kind of thing just because. Possibly there is a future for you in becoming a politician since you seem to think you have a “superior view” of what we should and should not be allowed to do. I would suggest you engage a dredge and clear your mangina of sand before you become a geographic feature, (ie. a sand bar, simply an unneeded obstruction) as it appears far beyond the point of “pearl production”.

    Private property? seems so.
    Safety considerations? Maybe, lots of clear space in most directions and note the lack of damage to the ramshackle building in the foreground and the apparently undisturbed foliage which was right next to the building. I agree for the most part with lucusloc and would have set up further away and left the camera where it was to document the event. Tannerite for the most part is a very poor “terrorist weapon”. Also note the comment after the shot of “there’s your parent’s lumber” I would have done something like this as a private thing and invited friends who would have enjoyed it, not posted it as a public spectacle. But this is the age of youtube and instant notoriety.

  12. Dennis Avatar

    What an idiot. Old barn wood and heartwood pine like that sells for a fortune right now. He could have bought an arsenal with the money if he had dismantled that barn and sold the wood.

    1. Best comment. +1

    2. dgdimick Avatar


      You’re correct. Probably about $10k worth of fine wood there – I did notice the timbers, but didn’t put the rest of it together until you posted. Shame to see it all gone now.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        That’s crazy, I didn’t know bar wood was valuable like that.

        1. Yep there are a few mansions around here where somebody paid HUGE coin for the big timbers to be trucked from out west to make a house with those big timbers you can’t find anymore.

          Still this barn didn’t look like it was quite of the same caliber of others I’d seen.

          I would have been at LEAST 200 yards away to avoid getting hit with shrapnel, still I don’t see what all the complaints are. In Northern Maine there are a lot of tumbling down barns, and generally the people who get sick of them just burn them down which I suspect has a bit more danger to it.

  13. Mount Avatar

    That’s a lot of good wood going to waste. Well, it was quite entertaining, so not a total waste, but dang ol’.

  14. Barnwood going to waste was my first thought as well. Could have taken to EBay and sold the he’ll out of it for picture frames and turned an expense into a huge profit.

  15. Plumbump Avatar

    Yes, some of old wood can look absolutely beautifull, especially when some of the nails are left in as stain the wood…. a waste :(