Justification Of Down Range Photography

From James Yeager’s down range photographer:

*eye roll* yea so necessary, the justification as usual is even more retarded.  I really hope they keep making 11 minute videos on this topic, because it’s hilarious every time.

There are videos here and here of the down range photography if you’re not familiar.  

mr-chow-hangover-did-you-dieHe might as well just put a clown suit on and juggle, because this shit is clownish.



8 responses to “Justification Of Down Range Photography”

  1. elephantrider Avatar

    Downrange photographers/Targets.

  2. Mike, here is a better version of the “original” or rather, infamous down range photographer video. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hiTrgzHhVk

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks! I’ll update the links.

  3. These guys sound so intelligent.

    1. Sorry, sarcasm might be hard to read.

      I’ll say it plainly: they sound like good ol’ boys. I bet they both drive pickups and chew tobacky and stick their wives next to targets every day.

  4. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    Duel. Still waiting.

  5. Calves The Size Of Redwood Tree Trunks Avatar
    Calves The Size Of Redwood Tree Trunks

    Are you sure his first name isn’t Mel?

  6. I don’t feel like the problem is being ahead of the firing line **necessarily**. The problem is the narrow angle between the photographer and the shooter line of fire.

    This is about as far downrange as I’m willing to get for a photo… http://arizonagunowners.com/img/20130831/azgo-20130831-17.jpg

    The only way I’d go ANY little bit further is if I was further away from the shooter and using a telephoto. That and I don’t go near anyone that I’m not very familiar with and that doesn’t know I’m there.

    Doing what TR does, with students, who are otherwise total strangers, at such a narrow angle from the shooter, is completely NUTS.