Dom Raso’s Media Lab – S01E01

Dom Raso breaks down the final scene in Jack Reacher:

If you disagree with anything Dom says don’t even bother asking him “Bro do you even operate?” because yes… yes he does operate.

haha the set is funny… barrels, a chain with hook, a ladder, some paper hanging from the ceiling.

Interesting first episode, I like where this is going.  I’ll keep watching.



10 responses to “Dom Raso’s Media Lab – S01E01”

  1. Regulus Avatar

    The NRA is getting close to jumping the shark

    1. Andy Wolf Avatar
      Andy Wolf

      Shzark jumped ages ago.

  2. MrMaigo Avatar

    Whats the point of this?

    1. Nicholas Damron Avatar
      Nicholas Damron

      They are breaking down fight scenes from movies. What more do you want?

  3. My problem with the final fight scene in Jack Reacher, I would’ve shot the guy in the back.

    This whole “honorable fight” BS is stupid. Shoot the fucker in the back, go save the girl, and get laid.

  4. I was hoping for, ya know, gun related stuff…..
    More like Jack Reach-around.

  5. chase Avatar

    Meh, I was entertained. People throwing away their guns pisses me off in movies but the worst crap is the backwards optics, no rear site post, the finger always on the trigger crap, etc…

  6. Pretty interesting show, but the host is a meatheaded Magpul reject. We’ll see how many episodes before I get sick of him.

  7. Chase Avatar

    ….Better do Gun-kata from equilibrium…. either that or Mattv should.

  8. Nicholas Damron Avatar
    Nicholas Damron

    What the heck! It won’t let me watch the video! I was so stinking excited about this.