NRA Freestyle | NOIR Preview – Amy Robbins Forgot Her Pants

MrColionNoir x Amy Robbins:

When my NRA contact / e-friend Becky emailed me about the vid, I cracked the joke about Amy forgetting her pants.  I don’t think she was amused.

NRA-FreestyleWho is Amy Robbins anyway?  I’m not saying she has to have any sort of shooting credentials.. I’m just curious what her background is and I couldn’t find much out in the 5 minutes of research I did.

I have high hopes for this show because MrColionNoir is my dude, and he’s running it.   We’ll see what happens when EP 1 drops May 11th on YouTube and

Tangent, I was hoping MrColionNoir would actually freestyle rap on the show (Maybe he’ll even have a bathroom booth like BigTigger… shout out to those who used to watch RapCity Tha basement back in the day). I even ghost wrote a few bars for him:

They call me Noir / I M6’d the car / bought all the bottles at the bar / Buy shit you’ll never have / then I lamp in the lab / NRA picks up the tab / I son MF’ers / Call me your dad.

That was a little taste. I could keep going, but unlike MrColionNoir I only do #Paystyle. :P



4 responses to “NRA Freestyle | NOIR Preview – Amy Robbins Forgot Her Pants”

  1. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    That YouTube thumbnail right there is album cover material

  2. Those… heels !

  3. jim bob Avatar
    jim bob

    I’d like internet celebs for 500

    “She likes guns and hates wearing pants”

    “Who is Amy Robbins, Alex ”

    (her lack of pants had me at hello)

  4. Amy’s legs… Thats enough for me to watch the Noir show. lol

    You don’t need any credentials. As long as you are Pro-2A and an American who loves your freedoms. Being good looking or smart does make it more attractive to viewers =)