Ammonation Episode 1 – Review

James Yeager’s new show Ammonation just released episode 1:

First off I didn’t like it… this episode that is (and I’ll get into why).  I have confidence when the remaining episodes aren’t about the Bundy Ranch they will be a lot more entertaining.

I really thought the production value would be higher.  Subtle tweaks would make all the difference… Nicer background when James was talking, better fonts, better transitions, and for the love of god 1080p not 720p.  720p makes my eyes bleed.

3:50 – Cliven Bundy is well spoken?  Haha if you say so… I’ll just leave this here.

6:00 – Pfffffffft OD gear in the desert?  Do you guys even operate?

7:20 – Why would there be security at a private party unless they wanted it there?  No one even got shitfaced?  Well that’s boring.

HOLY the Cliven Bundy interview is boring.  I should have watched it closer to when I planned on going to bed just to offset the caffeine in my system.  I like Reid though… He’s a good guy and is like a walking US history book (he was a history teacher if I remember correctly).

Cliven-Bundy-Deal-With-ItHold up, is Cliven Bundy’s western button-up 2013 collection RRL?  Wealth!  haha jk.



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  1. some_guy Avatar

    >James Yeager

    Stopped right there.

  2. 37 minutes, 21 seconds of absolute drivel.

  3. The funny part is that most of the folks that follow James Danger is that he showed up AFTER the showdown, so enough of this bullshit about how much you care, if you cared you would have been there on time, lol. The other thing I noticed was the “There was no security at the party reference” and him and several were obviously running security of their own, unless he just acts like that at parties, hahahahaha!!!

  4. You guys Avatar

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    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The good news is this revelation of yours makes it real easy for you to empty the sand that’s currently in your vagina and never come back!

      1. Oh the irony. Yeah, as far as your blog, fuck a whole bunch of that.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Oh you’re one of those that talks shit but keeps coming back daily anyway, got it. Glad to have you buddy.

          1. I want to be included! Fuck you guys and stuff! I need a diaper change! Waaaa!

        2. The internet isn’t for everyone.

  5. im about sick of this blog, seems like in blog format. acting like a bunch of teenagers i swear… and thats why ill never join (its not arf thats a sound a dog makes you lazy idiots) but yeah i thing this is a troll blog now…im betting this crap stems from the video game nerds who grew up from call of duty and wanted to shoot real guns but still have the call of duty multiplayer mindset of an ADD 12 yearold…this crap makes my eyes bleed….

    1. Goodbye, you won’t be missed.

    2. Christ, *trying to read your post* made MY eyes bleed. English teacher bugger you while you were younger or something? You clearly have some sort of disdain for proper syntax.

  6. dgdimick Avatar

    I was warned, and STILL wasted over 9 mins of my life watching.