FPS Russia x Dan Bilzerian

Rich operators gonna operate:

In case you forgot, Dan Bilzerian is the multi millionaire poker player who between taking his private jet to play poker, mainly just does whatever the hell he wants.  FPS Russia actually had the accent turned up a bit this video.

FPS-RussiaAll in all a good vid, although when I saw the teaser on Instagram for some reason I thought it would be more exciting.  There’s just no pleasing me apparently.



4 responses to “FPS Russia x Dan Bilzerian”

  1. silenceXcorE Avatar

    Forget the ladies…. A 300 WIN MAG AR?!

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Women are really beautiful in general as long as they are healthy.

      Women make up 50% of (I believe) a 7 billion population.

      Which means cool guns are far more rare than beautiful women… but probably equally fun to look at.

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