HSLD Training And Filming In HD

Try as they will… they still can’t top Cut You Down:

Come-And-Take-ItThe thing about the Cut You Down video, was that the song was a great fit for the footage, and it’s a great song.  Maybe if this particular video was set to… oh I don’t know Beyonce – Flawless we’d have a hit on our hands. *I woke up like dis… I woke up like dis* *operators we flawless… operators we flawless* *My Glock flawless my Glock flawless* because this drum beating track though has me like “meh”.  High speed footage though… keep operating bros. Damn what about that synchronized dancing though? Watch me bring that to the gun world and subsequently swan dive into the DM conversations your girl has with her friends.



4 responses to “HSLD Training And Filming In HD”

  1. They actually have a second video “Behind Every Blade of Grass” i think its called with prodigy music. Fun group of shooters and good video quality and editing.

    1. +1
      The Cut You Down choice was perfect… I’ve seen all the videos, but who exactly are these guys?

      1. I’d heard they were PMCs living in S Korea passing the time with some videos. But I think on one of their videos they just explain they’re just dudes that like to shoot together and train together who happen to have excellent cinematography skills.

  2. And before all the “clean gear targets that don’t shoot back they’re all posers” comments start, if it came down to it, would you really want to get in a gunfight against them?