Kirsten Joy Weiss’ .22 LR Peep Penetration

Dibs on the patent for peep uparmor in vehicles:

If I lived in the hood, I wouldn’t be blogging for you guys right now I’d be packing my car door panels and house walls with Peeps.  Those glorious sugary bastards could safe your life.

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingKirsten emailed me tonight to say whats up.  I said to her the best part of her videos is how much fun she has doing them.  We can’t see the shots a lot of the time, but we see the final product and her enthusiasm.  Additionally I mentioned to her that I think slow motion footage from my e-bro Richard Ryan would be sick combined with her skills.

Thoughts?  Buying peeps for protection ASAP?


8 responses to “Kirsten Joy Weiss’ .22 LR Peep Penetration”

  1. TheBear Avatar

    I think Kirsten should be an official ambassador of something. She has a great personality.

  2. Is that a shark up there? Let’s jump it!

  3. jim bob Avatar

    she emailed you huh? (the correct reply to what’s up is “nuttin much. s’up wit you boo”. you’re welcome)

    you are totally gonna score.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha thanks for the tip. Most are on that “the game is to be sold not told” tip now it’s bit often I get blessed with solid free advice. ;)

  4. I guessed 3!! I actually thought 1 would do it though, those things are sticky, dense, cloying and pure stopping power.

  5. Cute gal, love the pirate out-take. But yeah, we need to get some tactical peep vests up in here and at least let Yeager’s cocky cameraman wear one.

  6. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    what surprises me most about her videos is the lack of inappropriate comments. makes me forget this is the internet.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL yea that’s so true.