FOX News With A Special Report On AK Jesus

hahahahha they (FOX) actually refer to Owen as AK Jesus:


I can’t embed the video but you can check out out on Fox News.

Simplicity in design and engineering and old world craftsmanship to make new modern things… right on.

Always good to hear about Snakehound Machine, and Owen doing well.  For those that didn’t know, Owen has been growing his hair out for over a year to donate to Wigs For Kids, a foundation who makes wigs for sick children who have lost their own hair, additionally he donates his liquid bone marrow to help people in need.  Awesome guy.

Without the long hair he’ll still be AK Jesus to me.

P.S. I love how FOX filed this under “Science” on their site.



3 responses to “FOX News With A Special Report On AK Jesus”

  1. Just poked around his site. Awesome.

  2. He wasn’t even working on an AK in the shop. The upper in the vise with the EOTech that he was installing the fore-end on was an AR upper. When they showed the wall with multiple rifles they were all ARs and shotguns. The article also said “assault rifles”. I wish they would have showed more of his awesome custom AKs. That’s what we all came her for anyways right?

  3. Taofledermaus Avatar

    If I were a sick kid, the last thing I would want is to put some stranger’s hair on my head. Nothing wrong with bald these days.