The BLM Cattle Incident In Bunkerville Nevada

TheRealTrippleB explains:

FOX’s Dana Loesch on the incident:

Dana Loesch speaks the truth with this:

If these cattle were people and they were here illegally.. the department of justice would be running guns to them and the department of homeland security would be driving by with free government phones and EBT carts, but now that they’re cattle they are actually rounding them up and killing them.

AHHAHHA nice one.

I’m sure Dana is a really sweet girl, but I can’t help but think of this Bitchy Resting Face video every time I see her haha.

Deal-With-ItI don’t know enough about this incident to have an opinion.  All I know is I had never heard of the “Bureau of Land Management” before this incident.  Honestly anyone could just pull a bureau name out of your ass at this point like “Mike, the Bureau of Internet Science And Trolling Management now wants monthly dues from you” and I’d probably google it to make sure.



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  1. I’d definitely heard of the BLM before now. BLM land and the BLM is a big deal up here in the northwest. Pretty much anywhere worth hiking, shooting, hunting, or doing anything awesome outdoors is gonna involve being on BLM land (unless you wanna get yelled at by a bunch of granola eating co$ck f$%s).

  2. Dude..? Never heard of the BLM? They are the right hand of the enviro-nazis… land grabbing and kicking families off their lands… or preventing people from using land for recreational purposes.

    You must be one of those people that say “I would rather not talk about religion and politics”…

  3. Let’s get to the real question here. Dana – would ya?

      1. I hope you dont listen to that fool… he is everything wrong with this country and believe it or not, he is teaching false religion and politics.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I do. Lil Wayne teaches religion and politics? Or do you mean though his lyrics and interviews?

  4. TheBear Avatar

    Wow… vid kinda gets you fired up. And yet, I doubt many people will care.

  5. Really? Never heard of the BLM? Well, that explains a lot…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah *side eye*

  6. hydepark Avatar

    I’m just shocked to see that the feds (for now at least) realized that they were creating the potential for an actual firefight because of their behavior and backed down. This is being talked about at the highest levels of government, we haven’t heard the last of it, and from everything I can find in my own digging the Bundy’s are in the right.

  7. GameChanger Avatar

    Just had to deal with the BLM today, they shut down a shooting spot in Perris, CA for a “local fire.” Funny thing is I didn’t see a single cloud of smoke after the BLM ranger alleged that they had a helo in the air and firefighters on the ground battling the fire. Didn’t see either, unless it was a small enough fire to have been more of an over reaction. Interesting thing is that this spot just had a scheduled cleanup 2 weekends ago because they made a threat of closure due to litter and debris.

    1. Yeah I know that spot GC. And a couple weeks ago the local gun shop organized a clean up. Did they close it for good? Never ben to that spot we have a spot out near Joshua Tree NP that we go. Holler if you need directions.

      1. GameChanger Avatar

        That’s what was weird, I asked the BLM officer when will it reopen and he said he had no idea. So I asked if it was going to remain closed because of fire season and still no answer. It was my first time at that spot and the main reason I went was to zero in a new optic. It seemed pretty crowded for the size of the location, so I’ll stick to Barstow or take you up on that offer.