An Example Of How Poor Parenting Can Kill A Child

This is going to make you roll your eyes:

Pooh-Little-Bitch<— This picture sums the first half of the video up.  It’s not the kid’s fault though, it’s the parents fault he was like that.  It’s not the kid’s fault, or the gun’s fault that the kid died either… again it’s the parents fault.

What do you expect to happen if you completely ignore teaching your kid basic knowledge such as firearm safety?  I don’t care if you don’t even own guns… in my opinion at some point in his or her early life you should at least take your kid to a gun store or a friend’s house who has guns and explain to them how a gun works, how to safely handle it, and how to fire it.  If at all possible you should take them shooting at least once early on too, just to get the curiosity of that out of their system.

It makes me mad that commercials such as this are portraying an incredibly biased message in order to push the gun control agenda.  Sure the “other side” will say I’m doing the same thing by saying it isn’t the gun’s fault, but we all know who logically wins that discussion.

Also, where did they get that “1.5 Million US children are living in homes with unlocked loaded guns” figure? Pull it out of their ass? If I had to guess I’d bet it was a lot more than 1.5 Million… but again that would just be a guess and I’m not going to state it as fact.

Thoughts?  I could have misinterpreted the message though.. maybe “THE MONSTER” was actually one of his parents? ;)

P.S. – At the time of writing this post the comments are still enabled on the YouTube video.  LOL we’ll see how long that lasts.


12 responses to “An Example Of How Poor Parenting Can Kill A Child”

  1. Who the hell loads a gun and puts it under a tophat in the hallway closet?

    1. How the hell owns a Top Hat anymore. I mean that isn’t a hipster.

      1. jim bob Avatar

        Slash and Mister Peanut.

  2. Michael Avatar

    Ya know what would fix this? Gun safety classed in the gov’t run schools. After all, the gov’t does teach 2nd graders about same sex, and 9th graders drivers safety, both of which are mandatory. So why not gun safety in all schools at all ages. This would take the mystery out of it, and create a generation of safety gun owners, who get their information, not from movies or video games, but from a real trustworthy source. Say like the Eddie the Eagle, or 4-H, or CMP, or even Appleseed.

    1. This used to happen in the 50’s and some of the 60’s if I’m not mistaken. There was even some marksmanship efforts in schools.

  3. TheBear Avatar

    So much wrong with this video/scenario.

    Even if the kid knew gun safety, he might have fired at the imaginary “monster”.

    How about the parents tell the kid he is not to touch any firearms in the house except in case of a (human) home invader after teaching him gun safety?

    And give the kid a spear! When I was a kid and I was afraid of a monster in the closet, I brought a sharp stick to bed. After that I slept well knowing if a monster attacked me in my sleep I was going to shove that stick up its ass.

  4. There is nothing directly “gun control” about this video. On the surface it is just addressing the issue of unlocked guns. I like that and agree with it more than any anti-gun stuff that has ever been bashed here. Mike, you know I love the blog but I agree with the video, kids who aren’t familiar with and educated with guns, (which this one clearly was) who have easy access to guns without supervision is a monster. I don’t even have kids and I feel the severity of it. Now that we are analyzing the details, drawing inferences and using deductive reasoning to explicate and extrapolate anything we can to convince the audience that this video is meant to “lean” one way or another. Let me play devil’s advocate. Could “the monster” not only be the unlocked guns that it shows us and gives us “reliable” quantitative data on, but the fact that the parents refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room and teach little Johnny about said guns? Couldn’t one argue that, that’s the “hidden” meaning masked in this clip?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If it wasn’t by I’d agree with you. They are in bed with Moms demand action and all those other gun control organizations though as shown on their website.

      I agree that kids dying because of unlocked guns is terrible, but that kid was clearly not a toddler. Should parents also lock up all the cleaning chemicals, pills, etc..? I could have killed myself with any one of those accidentally but didn’t because I was educated by my parents.

      1. Good point Mike. Education is always a strong answer. My parents taught me to stay away from stuff with Mister Yuk’s face on it ( That small bit of education kept me from all poisonous household cleaners, chemicals, pills, ..etc. The same education works for guns too. I know, my parents did the same for knives and guns.

  5. hydepark Avatar

    I know that my High School had marksmanship as part of our JROTC program at least up until 2006, but I believe sometime between then and now they went from .22lr to air rifles. It was great. And I could bring my own .22 ammo because the stuff they handed out was usually pretty old and junky.

    And to the video, what about all of those assault knives in the kitchen drawer? This is just a video so that the boot-lickers can still feel relevant. Like Mike said, it has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with parents.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Why do I like you so much on this site, but despise you so much on MILcentric when I find the time to put posts up! hahah oh the conflict. :P

      It is nice to see some schools still do have a shooting programs, although they are definitely not as common as before.