Getting Krissy With It – Google Glass Destruction

Richard Ryan has no love for Google Glass:

The recent team-up of Luxottica with Google glass has me excited, because I know I’m getting close to finally being able to get some hipster frames such as classic RayBan’s with Google Glass in them.

The ROF on the Kriss always blows my mind.  Really cool seeing that big .45 come out of the suppressor. I’m surprised how much the upper and lower parts of the gun move.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtIt’s still unconfirmed whether or not Richard did this ENTIRE video outside the Marriott.  I’m going with YES… yes he did.

hahaha wow… seeing Richard dual wield the Kriss’ with the ENDO Apparel Deagle t-shirt on made my day.

Thoughts? Is Google Glass something you’re excited about getting someday?


4 responses to “Getting Krissy With It – Google Glass Destruction”

  1. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    No glass for me. Thankfully, I’m also happily married. There is no way I’d go on a date with a woman who was wearing a pair of those. I have heard horror stories from my single buddies about some of these younger women being completely unable to disconnect from their phones on dates. Granted, those dates couldn’t have been that awesome, but if you’re not able to disconnect for a few seconds of your day to connect with me, it ain’t gonna work out. Just say no to glass.

  2. Todd S Avatar

    I love watching the gun flex when fired. It really shows how violent the action is.

  3. Fuck Luxxottica, artificially inflating the price of spectacles.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Besides the smugness of that one Italian guy who rubs me the wrong way, I really don’t see the issue with their pricing or business strategy. People have the option to purchase luxury brands and pay more for them… or buy cheap glasses online or at gas stations etc. if they want. *shrug*