Trained US Soldiers Can’t Be Trusted With Guns

Shut up John Lott, I’m talking:

Cool-Starry-BraSo billions are spent training soldiers, but they aren’t trustworthy or skilled enough to be armed in their own country to protect their own people?  Cool starry bra.



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  1. Very retarded. I wonder if this guy would wish the same unarmed policy at every police station in the US?

    1. ensitue Avatar

      If it furthers his Progressive Agenda? Yes

  2. Scott s Avatar

    Col. Jacobs is wrong. When people are under attack, anywhere, you are not preventing the action, you are defending against that action. It is inhumane, and quite insane, to take away the peoples means to defend themselves. Though his heroic actions are commendable and most likely deserving of recognition, this in no way makes him smart or deems him intelligent. Col. Jacobs is a disgrace and does dishonor to any honor he may have achieved.

    Defend/Protect the people and their Constitution.

    Nous Defions

  3. Damn, even in just the way he acts towards the other gentleman. What an inconsiderate dick.

  4. dgdimick Avatar

    Libtard. Not to degrade him winning the MOA, but just because he won the MOA he’s now an expert on this subject?

  5. First and foremost: none of you fanboys have an iota, not a single ounce of justification or foundation to call this man a disgrace. You want to play range ninja on the weekend? Fine. You want to cut and paste other people’s thoughts onto M4 as a mechanism to ignore the purposelessness of your own lives and the sting of unrequited childhood ambitions? You do that. This man received the Congressional Medal of Honor, two Silver Stars, and three Bronze Stars. He is why you people play with guns in the first place. Men like him gave boys like you the right to bear arms in the first fucking place. If you want to judge his opinions, admit to yourselves he is far informed than you, and act accordingly. And if you have the honor of meeting such a human being, you will stand he speaks to you, and you will call him “Sir.” He’s been on the line, knows men, and knows soldiers, and has far, far more insight into the capabilities and shortcomings than any of your ilk can possibly garner from the internet without ever having lived the life of an Airborne Infantryman.

    I got out of the Army as a Platoon Sergeant specifically because of people like this Scott S. douchebag. The sense of entitlement, ignorance and dismissal of the greater good, and insolence of this current generation is the reason why the military continues to decline. (No, the current administration is exactly helping either.) Poor soldiers become poor leaders, who cave to pressures of even poorer politicians. Standards lower, and good men leave, or die. Then, next thing you know, they’re letting women into the Infantry. More good men leave, and standards are lowered even more to accommodate the leftovers. Rinse, wash, repeat.

    I can guarantee you unequivocally that no one who has made comments on this video thus far have ever served in a combat arms role in the military. (And by that, I mean Infantry or Special Operations. Nothing else.) First, no one having served those in those billets would say such disparaging things about that man. Second, you clearly have no idea about how poorly trained soldiers are. The vast majority of the Army is comprised of POG’s. (That stands for ‘Personnel Other than Grunts,’ before you ask.) Until you have spent fifteen months burning your own shit and living off one bottle of water a day to drink and wash with, you don’t understand the disgusting, useless, vile creature that is a POG. They have no business carrying weapons. Absolutely none.

    Trust me on this, gentlemen. When you take your bi-weekly drive into a big FOB and risk getting blown up to take a shower, and you see fat, worthless POG fucks walking around like zombies, you would be far more comfortable with them not having weapons than with them carrying one every day. When a shitfuck 42A admin douche uses the magazine well of their M4 to hold a pack of cigarettes; or a inbred 88M (truck driver) lifts his entire weapon literally by the trigger with not one, but two fingers jokingly doing “M4 curls” to make his fat buddies laugh, never will you think, “I’ll be safer with these retards carrying weapons on post when we get back.” In garrison, POG’s fire their weapons once a year. To zero and fire. That’s it. Muzzles everywhere, flagging everyone and everything. John Milton would handle a firearm more safely. And MP’s? Riiiiiight. They do nothing but issue speeding tickets. (Again, not making that up. Trust me, they are not door-kickers.) Do you think they dry fire, much less go to the range? Do you want to talk about officers? I cannot express how poorly officers handle their pistols. They literally fire fewer than one hundred rounds a year. Tea cups and wrist grabs galore. All with one eye shut. I fucking swear to you. They then deploy, buy a FOB bra (shoulder holsters that make them think they’re fucking MacArthur, despite the fact that they never leave the wire, and the fact that “Battle Captain” is POG-speak for “TOC bitch”) from hajj, and literally never clean or even handle their weapon again for the rest of the year. Then they wonder why we laugh at them to their faces. Watch “First Blood” again, and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Those kind of soldiers. And if one of you want to say something about how Marine POG’s are any different, you clearly have never been to Camp Leatherneck.

    Do you think suicides wouldn’t increase stateside? Do you think liberals wouldn’t jump all over that shit like a homeless dude on a French fry? Under the auspices of caring about veterans, no less? And don’t even get me started on the gang problem in the Army, particularly at leg (non-Airborne) bases. There is no way to address this without sounding racist, but I’ll go for it. We (the Airborne Infantry community and beyond) call Ft. Hood ‘Ft. In-da-Hood.’ 10th Mountain? 10th Motown. (Yeah, that sounds pretty racist, I realize.) But, it is what it is.

    I understand that it is impossible to understand what actual military life and training is like as a civilian. Just know this. Colonel Jacobs may seem like a dick. But that behavior is most likely fueled by seeing uninformed idiots muddy the waters of an incredibly complicated issue with the rights to free speech that men like him helped create. So troll away, because you’re a fucking moron, and that’s what morons do. But leave defending the nation to the few professionals that are left. Call of duty, for some, isn’t a game. Go blow Chris Costa.

    (And it’s ‘MOH,’ fucktard. And it’s ‘received,’ not ‘won.’ It’s not an X Box achievement, pussy.)

    1. He mad.

      1. You picked up on that? Should I not be? Do you honestly think any one of you would speak so disrespectfully to the face of a Medal of Honor recipient? Didn’t think so. What gives you the right? All because he has a different point of view of a very specific portion of a political issue? Obviously, he cares about 2nd Amendment rights, or he wouldn’t have joined the Army. And when does being in the military not make one more informed? OR WHEN DOES RECEIVING THE MEDAL OF HONOR BECOME SOMETHING YOU WILL MAKE FUN OF? Fuck you.

        General McChrystal said civilians shouldn’t own AR’s. While I disagree, I’m curious what you’d say to his face, knowing he commanded an ODA, the entire 75th Ranger Regiment, and JSOC? And he stood up to Obama…but he disagreed with you on the 2nd Amendment! Nothing. That’s what you would say.

        James Yeager called. He wants a handy.

        1. dgdimick Avatar

          Who gave him shit about the MOH? Just because he has it, doesn’t mean his is now the end-all-be-all.

          Like I said, go take your meds.

        2. No one is making fun of him receiving the MOH. I think people have listened to his views and if they disagree they are saying so. This isn’t Starship Troopers. Service does not guarantee citizenship.

          I would have no compunction about telling him or anyone else to their face that I disagree with them, and why. It doesn’t mean I would launch into some rage filled, spittle flicking rant at them. It’s a conversation. They state their case. I state mine. We question each other about why we think that way. We receive the information from the other and go on about our merry way if we agree to disagree.

          Sure, we respect guys like him, sure we appreciate his service, but no, he doesn’t get an extra vote at the ballot box, or a free pass in the public arena of ideas to state his case without others disagreeing with him. He does get more consideration for his ideas out of respect for his experience, but that doesn’t mean anyone should accept what he says without criticism or critical thinking regarding his ideas.

          If that strikes anyone as bullshit, they need to go back to junior high civics. They’re doing it wrong.

        3. Karina Avatar

          If someone is an idiot, it doesn’t matter if they received the Medal of Honor, they’re still just a decorated idiot.

          What I would say to General McWhatever’s name is: “You have done great things for your country during the war, so why the FUCK would you start disrespecting the Constitution of the country you swore to protect?”

          So, yes, you are mad, and if your reaction is not one of logic, but one of emotion and rage-induced bullshit, then yes. You are an idiot and you very much deserve to be called one .Just like Mr. McChrystal, jus tlike Mr. Medal of Honor. I don’t give a flying fuck if I’m talking to the President of the United States, if I see someone being a fucking idiot in front of me, I tell them.

      2. mountain Avatar

        Oh yea, he mad.

    2. busdriver Avatar

      Why so sour bro? Just realize that “Infantry or Special Operations. Nothing else” makes for a pretty shit resume in the real world?

      1. I’m not your ‘bro.’ And when does the strength of character, leadership skills, sacrifice, altruism, willingness to die for something you believe in, ability to work under pressure, and myriad other attributes required of Infantrymen and Special Operations not bolster any resume?


        1. busdriver Avatar

          Probably when you run it up against a candidate with actual qualifications if I had to guess. But shit dude I bet your willingness will to die for what you believe in makes you ideally qualified for holiday season retail at least. Good luck homie.

    3. dgdimick Avatar

      Grant, you’re a dickwad.

      So it was a typo, you’re correct it’s MOH, as for received, or won, you’re way off, look at any history book and you’ll see it refered too both was.

      Before you start your “rant” maybe you should understand who’s on this forum. Not all of us run around touting our duty, where we have been, or what we have done. I myself prefer not to talk about where and what I’ve done. Some of us don’t need to talk up ourselves to feel like we have done something in our life.

      Take your meds and chill out.

      1. This forum is full of people who watch other people make attention-seeking videos about guns. This isn’t exactly the Brookings Institution. And I am not touting my service, but providing context to my remarks.

        My “rant” is nothing more than disappointment. You think you are helping win the issue of Second Amendment rights, but you are only making things worse.

        The demonstrated behavior of immediately attacking people who disagree with you to the extent of disrespecting the recipient of the nation’s highest honor for valor is exactly the kind of attitude that has made this the least productive Congress in the history of the United States.

        Lastly, your suggestion that I “Take my meds” does nothing but further the misconception that if a veterans becomes angry, there must be some dangerous psychological problem. Which, after another on-post shooting, the entire nation was doing, further complicating the Second Amendment debate and related veterans’ issues. Again, you think you are helping, but you are not.

        1. Jim Jones Avatar
          Jim Jones

          They are called rights for a reason. You have them just by virtue of being born. Not by virtue of citizenship, not by virtue of some elected asshole making edicts, and by virtue of what gets a gang of emotional Sallies’ panties in a bunch. It’s that whole enlightenment period thing. Kings use to rule over men for no other reason than their family tree. Some of their human counterparts started to think about that and figured out that that was pretty fucking retarded. What you are advocating is the same idiocy.

          I don’t care if this commander won a MOH. The policy he is advocating for is most definitely costing some soldiers lives at home. Just because he has won an honorable mention in the book of life doesn’t mean that he is any better than me or you. We are all created equal. What we do with our abilities is what distinguishes us from our peers. What this MOH recipient is doing is being a douche on national TV. Shut up and listen to me because I’m more equal than you? Motherfucker please.

      2. david mortimer Avatar
        david mortimer

        Agreed. Grant has small penis syndrome. But even his meds couldn’t help with that.

      3. The mere fact that you speak so disparagingly about someone who received an “MOA” makes it very clear that if you were ever in the military, you were a complete and total POG. You can try and act mysterious by alluding to “what we’ve done” but it’s clear by the way you are speaking, it’s very little. And for the record, they do make pills for small penis syndrome. I got semi-soft three inches, son! Total. What do you know about that! Boom.

        1. Werewolf1021 Avatar

          Its a typo.

          Lighten up, Francis.

    4. spiegel Avatar

      That was a lot of words to just say, “surrender-your-freedoms-for-the-greater-good-because-the-lowest common-denominator.”

      1. Your arbitrary use of hyphens aside, I said nothing of surrendering freedoms. What existing rights am I suggesting should be taken away?

        1. busdriver Avatar

          Bear arms mostly. Also all this ‘you would sit down or stand up and salute him and call him sir and suck his dick and say nothing’ shit isn’t really in the spirit of free speech. I’d call him a faggot and give him the finger if I wanted to and he’d have no right to stop me.

          1. david mortimer Avatar
            david mortimer

            I’m sure he would order grant and some friends to group rape you and execute you in the woods to which grant would reply, “Yes Colonel MOH, with pride and pleasure!”

            1. nah they would be too busy sucking his dick remember

    5. Geez Grant your vagina is completely full of sand. I don’t think you can fit much more up there…but let’s try shall we?

      The guy is an asshole. Acting like an asshole. People see an asshole and guess what they do? They call him an asshole. Now you want to jump in swinging from his jock preaching about how you don’t know blah blah blah. Yeah man whatever. You think I would call a man, “sir” if they were acting all pissy and condescending with me? Ya…uhh…NO. You are just coming off as a disrespectful asshole just like this prick.

      But I get it. You and your homies are WAY better than us, “normal” people right? How dare anyone other than a very small specific group of people that you deem worthy even have an opinion? And if someone has an opinion and isn’t in that arbitrary group that you deem fit to speak you have every right to be a condescending asshole right? Welcome to the planet Earth. You must be new here.

      1. I don’t have the right to be a condescending asshole? Wasn’t some other douche going on about calling the recipient of a MOH a faggot and giving him the finger because America? Do you have any idea how drunk I am I right now?

        1. busdriver Avatar

          It’d still be more American than your bootlicking ass.

          1. Respecting someone makes me a bootlicker? Also, I just ate a triple-decker double stuffed Oreo. Yup. A sextuple-stuffed Oreo. I am the most American person ever.

        2. dgdimick Avatar

          Who called him a faggot? It seems to me Grant, that you’re so piss drunk you’re no longer able to read.

          If you go on TV, or post anything on the Intertubes, you need to be a big boy and take the desenting view points.

        3. No I don’t know how drunk you are right now. And yes that’s the beauty of the United States of America, you have the right to say what you think. This means you, me, even the guy who pissed you off. Everyone. We both know this.

          But don’t act all surprised/offended when someone who acts like a prick gets called….a prick. Hell sometimes I act like a prick. And ya know what people call me? A Prick. And I deserved it no doubt about it.
          And if you had anger directed towards a particular person who said some shit you didn’t like…why the hell did you snap off trippin on everybody? Do you see how you didn’t reply to that person you were pissed at…but rather directed your statement as a general statement for everyone here? Go re-read that wall of text you typed and tell me that it is only aimed at one particular person. Uhh no. You lashed out at everyone here not knowing what kind of people are even here, rather you made an assumption amiright? I don’t claim to be some elite high-speed low-drag operator, and shit I don’t even play video games. I am not a mall ninja either. But I’ll tell ya what, I know an asshole when I see one. And I can’t see giving this guy a pass when he acts in such a fashion. Just like I hardly expect others to give me a pass when I act like an asshole either.

      2. Calm down, guy. You’ll notice I said I’m not in the military anymore myself. My point is 1)Really? You’re going to disrespect that dude because he has a different opinion? 2)Most everyone on this side of the 2A debate refuse to accept that someone can disagree with them in any way. And if they do, apparently, they’re worthless. Discussion of a differing point of view isn’t capitulation. 3)Really? His experience (ie actually training on and hands-on knowledge) provides no additional expertise? 4)You’ve never encountered a crotchety senior citizen? You still call them “Sir,” or “Ma’am,” no? What makes this guy any different?

    6. DaveP. Avatar

      Benedict Arnold was a well-respected officer, and one of the best commanders the Colonies had. So? Was Jacobs brave under fire and did he show uncommon valor then? Yes, and I honor him for that. But that has nothing to do with the topic in question, and the only person here who doesn’t know that is you.
      Your point is that we should ignore this guy’s bad behavior because he was brave in the field? Wrong.
      Does that valor give him some kind of insight into gun rights, or public policy, or John Lott? Wrong.
      Should we automatically grant him more respect when he babbles bullcakes than when John Lott (or anyone else) does when they make sense, because he has a medal? Wrong.

      So go cuss up a storm, because that’ll convince everyone to have a sad that they don’t agree with you.

    7. On behalf of all the members of the Corps of Engineers, I’m glad to know how you really think of us. It warms the cockles of our hearts to know where your esprit de corps lies.

      That said. While I do respect for Col. Jacobs for his service and the sacrifice for which he was awarded the MOH. I must say, I do not like it when high ranking military officers are brought in to espouse on politics. I was offended when Gen. McChrystal stated that civilians should not own AR-15’s. I’m not questioning his commitment to our troops, leadership or tactical abilities. But in the United States, it is not the role of the military to restrict the constitutionally protected rights of the people. That is a junta, not a constitutional republic.

      As for soldiers being armed on base. I don’t think every solider should be armed, but at the same time, when there is a shooting on a military installation and the SOP is to shelter in place… one would figure that there is something amiss when the largest Army base in the country has effectively the same reaction as a high school.

    8. Well said. Couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t believe the flak you are taking for posting this. Evidently these Call-of-Duty-playing fucks are a little offended.

      1. So Rusty and Steve, are the veterans commenting on here with opposing views also to be wrapped in the, “weekend warrior, Call-of-Duty fucks?”

    9. While I wholeheartedly agree with you Grant, only 0.45% of this nation serves. Of that like 2% are SOF and 8% Infantry. Nobody really has balls anymore. You are fighting an uphill battle with these weekend warrior types.

    10. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hey Grant, people are responding to you also in the comments of the new post I created –

    11. I love it how combat arms is only two branches. Evidently this Fucktard dosnt understand how the Army works even though he is now retired. Every soldier has to qualify with firearms every year. Just because somebody isnt Infantry dosnt mean that they cant shoot. Im guessing that Armor and Artillery are pogs to. Even though as being an Armor NCO i have saved a few Infantrymans asses a few times in Iraq. But I digress it is our right to bear arms its right there in the constitution. Some people are morons when it comes to firearms but that dosnt mean that we should all lose our rights. I could probably out shoot you anyways from a 19k to 11b you are not special.

  6. Respect my authoritah right MEOW!

    1. I was tempted to say something about the dated Cartman reference. But it appears there are no more recent memes available. Carry on.

      1. You missed the Super Troopers reference…..

        1. No, I got it. That one has achieved cult status; if used sparingly, always appropriate. We just need better memes that hopefully don’t involve Miley Cyrus, is all I’m saying.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones

      Pure gold my friend.

  7. Guys like him didn’t give me and anyone else on this forum the right to bear arms or to free speech.

    He had his talking points, that clearly tried to frame John as a loon. Look up hyperbole, because that is exactly what he was trying to do by claiming John wanted everyone on post armed. He wasn’t there to have an honest conversation, he was there to move an agenda.

    You sound like a twerp talking crap about who counts in the military and who doesn’t.

    1. It is exactly guys like him who ensured the establishment of the Bill of Rights. Obviously, neither the Vietnam conflict or war on terror had nothing to do with that. I am aware of the definition of hyperbole. The guy was on MSNBC; clearly, he was there to push an agenda. And while I wasn’t saying who matters in the military (maybe a little), my point was that seeing someone dragging a Beretta behind them on a lanyard while texting or attempting to load 5.56 link into a 240B changes your opinion on this issue.

  8. Officers like that are a big reason why I got out. There has to be an acceptable certification program where at least NCOs can go armed if they choose to. FORCING people to carry is a bad idea, but I don’t think anyone on the pro-2A side is talking about that. Yes, POGs carrying guns is a terrifying prospect. I once watched an intel 2nd LT cork off FOUR 9mm rounds into a clearing barrel before she realized that bullets came from the magazine, and no matter how many times she racked the slide, it still wasn’t empty. I don’t think that’s the person that’s going to sign up to carry on post though. Perhaps get the PSG or 1SG to sign off on it and make them carry an issued M9 so the leadership can micromanage as much as possible.

    Anyone who rises above E7 or O3 is no longer a soldier, but a politician. Base commanders are, by an large, bureuacrats who have long forgotten what life outside the wire is like. Why this guy’s opinion is any more valid than mine or yours is beyond me. Probably just like Piers Morgan citing his brother (an Army Colonel) who is also vehemently anti-gun. Maybe Col. Jacobs is looking to run for office?

  9. I like the Glock/ice cream videos…

  10. The thing the discussion seems to be missing here is that Lott is arguing for some arming option, while Jacobs is against “arming everybody”. Those are two very different things.

    I feel that Jacobs is using a rhetorical trick – he’s going to the extreme case and arguing against it. We have the other extreme currently.

  11. dgdimick Avatar

    Grant sober up yet?