Tactical Tunes x Vigilant Spectre

Tactical Tunes and the Vigilant Spectre boys, Killing time fooling around with some guns:

Damn that’s an ugly gun but the .500 S&W cartridge kicks like a beast!

Tactical-Tunes-Vigilant-Spectre-ENDOHoly that “accent” towards the end is obnoxious.

Vigilant Spectre is in the New York Reload t-shirt, and Tactical Tunes is in the Deagle t-shirt both from ENDO Apparel.


3 responses to “Tactical Tunes x Vigilant Spectre”

  1. looks like mosin sticky bolt. disassemble the bolt and remove the cosmoline inside.

    1. Hunter57dor Avatar

      mix the following:

      ammonia based window cleaner, 1 cup

      hoppes no 9, 3 tbsp

      2 drops dawn dish soap

      1/2 cup water.

      mix vigorously and put in bucket. drop dissasembeled bolt in mixture, let sit for 15 minutes.

      remove parts from mixture, coat in more hoppes no 9, then dry thoroughly. lubricate to preference, and reassemble.

      works like a dream.

  2. Mr_Rich Avatar

    Disassemble and soak bolt in mineral spirits, clean chamber with 20ga brush and more mineral spirits. Spend the $20 on a headspace gauge and actually check the headspace.

    Or just give Eric at IV8888 a call.