NRA On How Leeland Yee Is A Piece Of Trash

Ginny Simone reports:

Oh and here’s a bonus pic of the Yee and 30 Magazine clip in half a second ghost gun De Leon:


It was on Senator Barbra Boxer’s facebook page, but unsurprisingly got deleted in an effort to avoid more embarrassment. hahahaha owned.

Leland-YeeThoughts?  Some of you non death penalty / “more compassion for criminals” type readers probably just want to see Yee rehabilitated though right?  I mean, after all he is just a man and were not perfect.

I’ll have to say I’m against the death penalty on this one.  Let California tax payers take care of him, hopefully in general population where he can get decades worth of daily prison drama to spice his life up.

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4 responses to “NRA On How Leeland Yee Is A Piece Of Trash”

  1. dillnwede Avatar

    HEY! don’t wory about general population in prison he’ll be looked upon as a hero among inmates. in cal. prisons you have to be a child molester or rapist/woman abuser to get hurt or killed in general population. if you are a gun runner or drug dealer/gang banger, every inmate is your best friend. hope he goes to a fed prison. california prisons are controlled by the inmates not the guards, look up how many cell phones get through and you will see the light! and don’t try to talk prisons to me I know I’ve been there over 12 yrs. no not living there ha ha! I just am retireing from there. WILL NEVER WORK FOR THE STATE OF CA. EVER AGAIN! too much corruption. starting at the govenor down! we thought gray davis sucked! look what has happened to california since! GOING DOWN.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Damn that’s crazy! Yea hopefully federal prison for him then!

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    If you have been around people that are part of the political machine, you understand very clearly that House of Cards, although it is a dramatization, is not that far off the truth. Take away the murders by Frank (you have henchmen for that – just ask the Clintons), and what you have left is very much applicable. Pure, naked, sociopathy. Think about the kind of person it takes to run for elected office. You have to be willing to say whatever it takes to as many different groups of very varying ideologies as possible in order to win. Only pathological liars and sociopaths are capable of doing that stuff with a smile. That’s what we get. Only the pawns and low-level support players truly believe in the platform of the parties. Those that run the campaigns and hold the offices know better.

  3. dillnwede Avatar

    well said look up and find the employees listings. it goes by alphabetic order and you will see them all down to the lowest worker, but you will see a loooot of names many have that same opinion the govt. instills in you when you start working for them. too bloodthirsty for me.