NRA Looks Into The Sham Of Microstamping

A great report from the NRA and Ginny Simone:

cartridge-piercing-centerfire-rifle-faceThere you have it, like she said a de facto gun ban that only affects law abiding citizens. 

Nothing really new in the video, but it was well done and will get you caught up if you’re not familiar.  Man I hope the NSSF wins that lawsuit.



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  1. hydepark Avatar

    I have a brilliant idea, Mike. We can take all the unemployed people from the US and Mexico (does Canada even have unemployment??), give them government training, and just make them “Gun Minders.” You know, like North Korea has for journalists / foreigners? Each Minder will be assigned to a gun owner and then travel with that person 24/7/365.25 to strictly monitor the person’s behavior and use of the gun etc etc etc I’m tired thanks for the video…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Not bad haha! Mugging type crimes would probably decrease too because that 2nd person would be a deterrent.

  2. You have to love politicians. They’re brains are so dense they are little black holes but they only let a little out to hurt the rest of us.

  3. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    The point that people are missing is that the government knows that this will do nothing in stopping crime with existing firearms. What they are in fact doing is creating something that they very darn well know makes no difference on the street, but rather something that gun manufacturers cannot comply with, therefore eliminating the sale of new firearms in this country.

    If you cannot pass legislation to ban the sale of certain firearms, create legislation under the guise of gun safety features to stop the source of new firearms being produced. It really doesn’t matter that the system is easy to defeat on the street or cannot be used in the courthouse, the people who are creating and passing these laws are counting on the difficulty the gun manufacturers will have in implementing these new regulations. They are going directly for the source with regulations which are nearly impossible to comply with or far too costly, forcing gun manufacturers to move or stop production.

    Unfortunately, it is working. If these manufacturers cannot sell their firearms in the states that have passed these new regulations, they have accomplished what they set out to do which is keeping new firearms off the street. Now all they have to do, is continue to push for new states to follow suit.

    It is the intent to stop the production and sales of firearms in this country “period”! And, once accomplished to go after existing firearms on the street through new legislation.

    1. You hit the “microstamped firing pin” on the “primer” here.

  4. Regulus Avatar

    Those eyebrows are turning me on

  5. Might as well propose micro stamping knives, hammers, and rocks. It would be just as practical.