Silencerco Gets Old-Timey – How To Purchase A Suppressor

Oh Silencerco, you crazy:

silencerco-logohaha that was good.  I like Silencerco’s style. The 4:3 aspect ratio was a nice touch too.

Would operate with.


2 responses to “Silencerco Gets Old-Timey – How To Purchase A Suppressor”

  1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Love that old timey vibe in the video. I still find it sad though that in the great state of Vermont we cannot own them, I believe because of old timey blue laws related to hunting, so Jebidiah can’t be out there all sneaky poaching. There was some talk about repealing these old laws not too long ago, but now that the wingbats in Burlington are trying to trample on our rights in the name of public safety I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    It’s funny when you can legally own and shoot a machine gun, and make as much noise as you want, but it’s a no-go on quieting things down to be courteous to your neighbors.
    It’s also too bad that our reciprocity for carrying in other states is non existent. Since VT doesn’t issue any kind of carry permit, there’s nothing for another state to accept, go figure.
    *Sigh* I’ll still take it over MA or CT any day… Any of my New England Brothers and Sisters feeling this?

  2. That was brilliant!! I just went through the process with a trust but before e-file was available…11 brutal months but I took it to the range yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!