10mm Glock G20 Slide V.S. Thumb

Mattv2099 risks amputation and likely even death for our entertainment:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI was half expecting his entire thumb to rotate back 90 degrees, break off and then fly through his chest.  Just kidding… but we all know the 10mm stories.

Anyway, moral of the story is even if your slide can’t reciprocate you’ll still be able to get a shot off.


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  1. You have been lax in your duties to Yeager videos, or you would have known already!

  2. It’s all in the mechanics of a Glock. Glock is a locked-breach pistol. The barrel is locked to lower, and the slide is locked to the barrel. The slide doesn’t unlock until it moves back a short distance. Your thumb doesn’t take the full recoil impulse of the shot. All it takes is enough to keep the slide forward so it doesn’t unlock from the barrel. Then the energy that would normally cycle the slide is transferred to the barrel which is connected to the grip and your wrist takes the recoil energy, not the thumb joint.

    Now trying this with a blow-back action pistol like a Hi-point where the slide sees all the recoil energy could lead to some double jointed thumbs.

  3. AndyM from the UN-constitution state Avatar
    AndyM from the UN-constitution state

    Interesting. I was not expecting that. But one should keep in mind it’s 200 grain Blazer. Not like it’s 180 grain or higher Underwood, Buffalo Bore or Double Tap.

  4. STLBLUE Avatar

    street cred regained

  5. hydepark Avatar

    Now I have to go out and try this with my Glock 21 and Osprey .45 to see if this makes the shot any quieter due to no action noise.