.50 BMG Alcohol Abuse

Richard Ryan Barrettizes some alcohol:

Told-That-Teacher-Crayons-Memehahah Budweiser + Detcord = ‘MERICA.  Vaporized Bud, that couldn’t have smelled that great.



4 responses to “.50 BMG Alcohol Abuse”

  1. @ENDO Mike,

    “.50 BMG ALCOHOL ABUSE” is a spot on title for the asshole who made this video. Some of those beers are shit, true, but they are beer; and therefore, Richard Ryan in my opinion has no conceptual understanding of brotherhood and companionship.

    What an asshole. Is he trying to be like Piers Morgan?

    1. Taofledermaus Avatar

      How do you REALLY feel about Richard Ryan?

  2. ‘MERICA!

    I loved the slo-mo of the detcord casing curling up. Awesome work RR!

  3. Vaporized Bud with a tang of freshly-exploded detcord can’t smell any worse than liquid Bud straight from the can. :P

    I’d say the best thing you could do with Bud is pour it back into the horse, but clearly the Clydesdales are already sick enough. Frankly, I don’t think RR blew up enough of it…