Guns Everywhere In Georgia

Oh no, freedom is brewin’ in Georgia:

Americans for Responsible Solutions, which is Mark “Derp” Kelly and Sympathy Pawn Giffords’ group put out the video.  Apparently as shooters themselves, they don’t like other people having freedom.  Damn elitist attitudes… not everyone can be an astronaut and a congressperson dammit.


0:18 – “They want guns everywhere.  Even in the hands of previous gun offenders.” – Someone please explain that to me.  Is that for real?  Is it like it sounds?

I like the video, not the message.  Try putting it on mute and starting up this track while you watch it.  See if that doesn’t improve your day. haha



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  1. As a GA resident who follows such things, I have no idea where they’re getting the previous offender thing. I’m like 99% sure it’s straight up BS. If its not then I missed that bill. The rest is of course horribly mischaracterized. Currently it’s illegal to carry in church or a bar w/o the owners written permission, but (iirc) a federal court ruling makes it impossible to get permission from a church. Under the bill their scared about (I’m assuming its HB875) those places would be like all other private property, where you can carry unless asked to leave. The courthouse, airport, etc. is that you could carry in most government buildings that don’t have security checkpoints. I’m pretty sure campus carry was removed from the bill and is in seperate legislation. This thread discusses HB875:
    There’s discussion of ads like this and the campaign against it near the end.

    We’ve been dealing with this crap for years trying to clean up the previous mess of laws designed for selective enforcement. The anti’s keep losing but the 40 day legislative session makes for slow going. As a practical matter Gov. Deal will lose his job if he doesn’t sign a pro-gun bill so the newest anti strategy is to scare him to negotiating with legislatures to watering bills down or killing them by preventing a vote. At best it’s a delaying tactic but more likely it’ll be used to try and get funds from out of state. Bloomberg seems to particularly hate GA.

    1. Wow now that I look at that its way longer than I intended.
      tl;dr version: The BS level in that video is so high that even the anti-gun AJC called them on it:

  2. Fallschirmjäger Avatar

    The anti’s claim that it will increase the number of guns carried in airports is especially specious; HB875 actually ADDS a new criminal code which makes it a crime to pass beyond marked, restricted areas.

    Allowing churches to decide if they wish to allow firearms or not merely removes government from the practice of religion, preserving the “separation of church and state.”

  3. “Someone please explain that to me. Is that for real? Is it like it sounds?”

    It is partially true. Currently you cannot get a license if you had one before but it was revoked. Even if the reason for it being revoked is no longer a disqualification for a license.

    For instance, if you had a carry license and were convicted of possession of pot 10 years ago and your carry license was revoked, current law says that you cannot ever have a license again. Now if 10 years ago you didn’t have a carry license and were convicted of the same crime, you currently can get a license because it has been more than 5 years since your punishment ended.

    If the actual crime you committed is no longer a disqualification for a license, why should the fact that you had a license at that time mean you can never again get a license?

    This is the current law: “Any person who has had his or her weapons carry license revoked pursuant to
    subsection (e) of this Code section”.
    This bill would add at the end of that: “within three years of the date of his or her application”.

    1. Except what they say is “previous gun offenders” which is false. Even if you were barred do to a drug conviction you didn’t commit a firearms offense.

      It should be telling that no citations are given. Which would be odd if their goal was to get people to tell the governor that they oppose it.

      1. Well, I brought up drugs, but it could equally be that a person was caught carrying a firearm in an unauthorized location. That would make you a “gun offender”.

        Remember also this is for any license revocation, so it could have been someone convicted of the now repealed “public gathering” law. That law was so vague that you had to read court cases to figure out what was or wasn’t off limits.

        Though I agree the reason for the rhetoric is to get uninformed people to call and try to get the bill defeated. The number of people misrepresenting this bill is staggering.

        1. Fair enough. The old public gathering law was intentionally vague. Doubt case law even help you. It was specifically designed to be selectively enforced.

  4. Mark Gilbert Avatar
    Mark Gilbert

    If you were arested for a pot thing you have to be clean gor 5 yrs
    Thats the law

    1. But if you were convicted of a pot thing and had your license revoked, you never get your license back no matter how long you have been clean.

      1. mark g Avatar

        but since 2007 law was changed i beleave it was hb 89 who was pushed by gco
        clean 5 yrs good to get license

        1. Not if you ever had a license revoked.

          Let me say this another way… 10 years ago you and I are sitting on a sidewalk smoking pot. We both get arrested and convicted of drug possession. At the time, I had a license and you didn’t (I wasn’t carrying, I simply had a valid carry license). After the conviction my license is revoked because that conviction is a disqualifer for a license.

          Fast forward to the present, the two of us go to the probate judge and we both apply for a license. You will be approved and I will be denied. It is not the drug possession that causes the denial, it is that I had a previous license revoked. With the current law in place, I can never get another license even though we both were convicted of the same crime.

  5. Mark Gilbert Avatar
    Mark Gilbert

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