Jeremy Clarkson’s Letter To Piers Morgan

Published recently in the UK paper The Sunday Times:


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This was all in response to Piers getting fired by CNN of course.

Holy, what a great article haha.  Jeremy Clarkson is great.


Oh yea and:

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-Off^^^ OOoooooo I’m sure the NRA is shaking in its boots.

Hat tip: Sean


24 responses to “Jeremy Clarkson’s Letter To Piers Morgan”

  1. I’ve been enjoying the Clarkson/Morgan feud for years, cheering old Jezzer on whenever he’s taken a pot shot at what is possibly the most self-righteous pompous ass in the world.

    I’m willing to bet Piers Morgan’s porn expenses consists solely of purchasing mirror :p

  2. I hope Piers ends up doing dollar porn in some third world country. Fuck him eternally.

  3. Threatening the NRA, really? Ha ha ha ha!

  4. Sorry America, we don’t want him back. This massive twat needs to be given residence in a country where he would need a gun to protect himself, just to show how stupid he sounds

    1. Russia or the Ukraine seem good right now…who am I kidding he would be on his knees giving Putin a Lewinski.

  5. I’ve long disliked Clarkson for his snarky anti-American edge on Top Gear, and for an inherent mean edge to his sense of humor.

    I am not going to revise my opinion of his humor. But I dislike him less now. If he punches out PM again, I might even like him :)

    1. Clarkson is playing a part, you can’t take hardly anything the man says on Top Gear all that seriously. Piers Morgan means every stupid word he says.

  6. Clarkson is an ass. A really BIG ass.

    THAT is what makes him funny. I don’t care about his snark about Americans. Just consider the source.

    This article is great!

    1. shockfish08 Avatar

      Jeremy Clarkson is an ass cus he knows it’s actually funny (and common guys if you can’t take a joke then who are yeah right?), Piers Morgan is an ass because HE IS A FUCKING ASS!!!

    2. Clarkson would hate me America, and southerner. That said I give him a pass because he is a non pompous fun guy and despite our differaces we could probably get along 60/40.

      Now there are 3 things I can envie him for, shooting a full auto, driving those wonderful cars, and decking Piers Morgan.

      1. Actually, he did a show where he traveled the USA. He said the South was his favorite place of all.

  7. He made sure to mention this several times on the recent Top Gear UK episode…

  8. Olly Lyon Avatar
    Olly Lyon

    America, pleasedont send him back. We don’t want him either. Thanks

    1. Werewolf1021 Avatar

      Send him to the penal colony! :)

  9. hehehe

    I LOL’d more than once.


    heh xD

  10. “Big M, little organ”

    *can’t* *breathe* *gasp*

    1. I get jokes. Even though they have to be explained to me. Thanks Fred. =)

  11. feartomorrow Avatar

    What’s with those weird ass line breaks in the collumns? #poortextflow #totallyrelevant

  12. Hit him again!

  13. Hehe…just look at the grin on Jeremy’s face at the top of the article. it makes me laugh :D

  14. Jonathan Avatar

    Clarkson is awesome. Top Gear continues to be my all time favorite tv show. My favorite episode is the one of Jeremy shooting full auto out of a car in America.

    He is pompous, but he owns it wholly. Few people can pull that off and somehow become endearing in the process.

  15. I love that picture of PM at the bottom of the post. It’s from when he plays the game “see if you can guess the color of the johnson placed in your mouth with your eyes closed”. He always wins. Perhaps that’s why he’s so cocky.

  16. Nice. I suddenly have a desire to watch Top Gear.