Conrad The Constitution’s Creators Get Secret Service Visit

Remember the final “Obama Assassination” episode of Season two?

The secret service wanted to have a chat about it:

Oh Alex Jones.  Basically the secret service visit was a non-event… but scary nonetheless.  Too bad the secret service didn’t show up at Tim’s house and demand to speak to Conrad.  Funnier yet would be if when they were leaving, Tim said something in the Conrad voice LOL.

Conrad-The-ConstitutionYou can read more about it on Alex Jones’ Infowars website.



One response to “Conrad The Constitution’s Creators Get Secret Service Visit”

  1. Dale Smith Avatar
    Dale Smith

    No surprise. Sounds like it went as expected. I imagine those agents probably gave a big eye-roll when they were given the assignment. Waste of time and our money checking these dudes out. Well, back to work so I can pay for their visit. smh