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  • Conrad The Constitution And Illegal Immigration

    haha this show is so edgy: I knew Conrad would carry a Glock!  Right on :P LOL @ the “Hands up don’t shoot” protests and the looting too.  This episode is bound to piss some people off, even more so than other episodes.

  • Conrad The Constitution – Season 3 Finale

    The false flag attack: Crazy timing that this video game out only the day after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashed in the Ukraine.  I wonder if the Fox Bros. (creators of this cartoon) will get another visit from the secret service, or a different type of law enforcement agency because of that? :P

  • Conrad The Constitution – S03E07

    Pure gold: The illegal Mexican immigrants get  ENDO Apparel shirts, and want to own guns! NOTE: I will not exchange Obama shirts for ENDO Apparel shirts currently, but may keep that in mind for a future promotion ;) I have a feeling shit will hit the fan in one of these episodes again soon.

  • Conrad The Constitution – S03E06

    Obama confiscates Conrad’s guns: *smh* LOL this show.  The episode is poetry, especially the flashback of him and his AR-15 having good times. 2:39 – haha two semi’s full of guns… that’s what I’m talking about. 4:29 – HAHAHAH a KEL-TEC Damn this episode pushes the limits as usual, I love it. Thoughts?

  • Conrad The Constitution – S03E05 ft. ENDO

    I love this show: Ron Paul in an ENDO Apparel Defend Freedom shirt!!!!!  Definitely a personal and business milestone #ENDOMadeIt  Thanks FoxBros! Ooooooo yea!  Glad to see he removed the “remove before operating” tag before he needed to use that M4, otherwise things may not have went as planned. Make sure to head over to the…

  • Conrad The Constitution – S3E04

    Conrad goes missing: haha the operator beard is a good look on Conrad.  The humor is always on point, I really can’t get enough of this show. Thoughts?  Anyone else hoping for 20min episodes?  These 5 minute ones have me wanting more.