Custom Suppressed UZI and Double Barreled 10GA Shotgun

FPS Russia with a couple cool guns and awesome slow motion:

FPS-RussiaFPS really dropped the ball by not doing something Sochi olympics related while that was on.  FPS NotEvenFakePatrioticOfMotherRussia.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


4 responses to “Custom Suppressed UZI and Double Barreled 10GA Shotgun”

  1. cottewmitch Avatar

    co-witnessed uzi? cool.

  2. Mr_Rich Avatar

    Nice to see FPS and IV8888 teaming up. Is FPS going to be the new Barry?

  3. First thing I’ve seen him do in a very long time that was actually fairly watchable.

  4. Uzi’s generally have a very slow cyclic rate. That gun either has a buffer installed or a lightened bolt.