Lighting Gunpowder On Fire Isn’t Very Exciting

Demolition Ranch puts the flame on it:

Son-I-Am-DisappointIf you own guns and have never pulled a case to light the powder I’d be very surprised.   Additionally if you weren’t surprised / disappointed it didn’t explode in a manly fireball I’d also be very surprised (Blackpowder is quick, but I never had any of that).  I literally thought my entire face was going to be melted off Terminator 2 style as soon as the free John Barleycorn matches I was no doubt using made contact.  What happened to free wooden matches places would give out anyway?  That was classy.  As a kid who liked to light stuff on fire, I liked that.



4 responses to “Lighting Gunpowder On Fire Isn’t Very Exciting”

  1. Any black powder (or it’s substitutes) burn a lot faster than that, so Wile E. Coyote might have had something……. if he wasn’t such a Democrat.

  2. Me5147 Avatar

    Actual old school black-powder will pretty much blow up if you do that to it. I tried to use some to light a fire once, being aware of how slowly smokeless burns, and needless to say l lost my eye brows. True story bro’s!

  3. one_calloused Avatar

    straightest powder line I’ve seen…

  4. the best are the black powder pellets