What Caliber For Godzilla?

The trailer:

Godzilla-2014-PosterLooks decent!  I wonder if Heisenberg stops cooking meth because of the death and destruction?

In theaters May 16th.  Looking forward to it?


6 responses to “What Caliber For Godzilla?”

  1. nothing original in Hollywood. At least it’s not another Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Freaky Friday, or Ferngully.

  2. Speaking of ferngully, try google-imaging (is this a verb?) the word ferngully. Every woman who dresses up like the cartoon girl is mediocre at best. 2/10, would not operate with.

  3. aww schnapps

  4. Is that one of those googling suggestions that will get me into trouble at work? I fell for that before. management was not amused.

  5. Porterhaus Avatar

    80cm Gustav for Kaiju.
    If you don’t have any of that around, though, just use 10mm.

  6. Hunter57dor Avatar


    Setup a few hundred yards away, put a few AP rounds through its eye socket, pack up, go home.