Blood And The Details Equals Profit

Natalie Foster x NRA News talks about the blood lust problem we have in the USA:

1:20 – Shots fired at Chris Brown!  I hate that guy… what he did to Rihanna was unforgivable, I don’t care how talented he is, if there was any justice he would be cleaning toilets at McDonalds right now.

1:36 – That Rolling Stone magazine Boston Bomber cover was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen a publication do to sell papers.  Making him into some James Morrison type demigod.

2:42 – Yea, psychos know that killing a lot of people will make them infamous and turn them into a celebrity.  That’s NOT good.

Great video.  I’d have to say the delivery and message makes it Natalie’s best yet in my book.

Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Natalie-FosterUnlike some other gun blogs out there, I choose to keep ENDO mainly about humor.  Sure blogging about shootings would make me more ad money and no doubt sell more shirts because of the increased traffic.  If I did that  I’d just be part of the problem and I wouldn’t feel good about myself.



2 responses to “Blood And The Details Equals Profit”

  1. Meh.

    Like a lot of these NRA videos, it really boils down to preaching to the choir.

    Plus, her proposed boycott isn’t realistic because people aren’t going to just stop buying newspapers to protest one or two articles per day.

    The fact is that “the media” contains billions of different interlocking parts and what she is proposing is pretty much boycotting an aspect of our culture. That is harder to do than just “not spending money on x.”

  2. Taofledermaus Avatar

    Does anyone but an art student think filming someone not looking into the camera looks cool?