Ice-T Is Not Anti-Gun Control

He says there need to be rules:

ice-t-with-gunA lot of conflicting views in that video.

Ice-T is always dressed like he borrows clothes from his wife. Blouses and shirts with filigree to the max etc…



9 responses to “Ice-T Is Not Anti-Gun Control”

  1. As far as any celeb goes, as soon as they actually do something tangible to infringe on my rights, *then* I’ll care. Until then, they’re entitled to their opinion just like I’m entitled to mine. 1st Amendment and all.

    1. Uh…. 1st Am has to do with Gov’t interference, not private citizens.

  2. Ice-T always looked like the real world version of the fictional Fur Q:

    “c*ck, b!tch, c*ck, b!tch, m*therf!cker”

  3. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt… if someone stopped me in a crowded and loud place and asked me to clarify my views on gun control I doubt that I would say anything coherent.

    I think that he is saying that there are so many guns in circulation that any gun control measure is pointless, but at the same time he supports background checks to make it harder for felons to walk into a gun store and buy whatever they want… or something like that.

  4. I mean I agree kinda, certain people SHOULD NOT have guns (which is why I have guns, because those people also have guns).

    Just come up with a good way to stop those people from getting guns without hurting OUR rights, something that will actually work, maybe getting to the root of the problem (not the guns)

  5. He was all with the reporter, until the reporter questioned the actions of his idol/sacred cow/leader of the cult of personality, president Obama. You can see when he brought up the current regime, there is a visual change in posture and attitude. Then he decided to disemble. Iced Tea is a class A purple koolaid drinker.

    The second law of the statist, never question those in leadership.

  6. i tried to watch this but i didn’t care enough to finish.

  7. Jeremy pretty much stole my thunder.

    The “reporter” lost his interest after he started talking about the NSA and all of the other stuff the Government(s) are doing. It’s not a quick “walkway” interview question.

    I think I-Tea is pretty much like Joe Average; the gov. is doing this, how do we stop it?

  8. And why does anyone care what Ice-T has to say about gun rights?