Aero Precision Skeletor AR-15 Lower

Because less is more and lighter is better:


Naturally since it’s a tiny bit different than a regular AR-15 lower, arm chair operators nationwide are throwing money at the screen.  Additionally, psudeo operators are also complaining that they operate too hard for a lower receiver where the internals are exposed to the elements, and it would definitely malfunction.  Cool starry bras… check the obligatory dirt/rocks test if you’re skeptical.

SkeletorAnyway, if you’re looking for a 32% weight reduction, and a look that not all your mom’s coffee friends have on their AR-15s then this might be the rifle lower for you.



18 responses to “Aero Precision Skeletor AR-15 Lower”

  1. Would I use this for:

    A. A racegun? Yeah, looks cool. Anodize it blue and you’ve got a winner.

    B. Hunting? Eh, maybe not.

    C. AR pistols? Some states have minimum weight requirements and getting every ounce out of an AR pistol is important, so yes.

    D. Self defense? Are you fucking stupid – it’s clearly not marketed at the Tier1 Operator for operating in operations where your HSLD gear needs to not only be HSLD but robust. So it’s silly to even bring that up.

    E. Range toy? Hell yeah. Put that lower on an 11lb upper with moar rails and flashlights and lasers and operator NV scopes, gotta save weight bro.

  2. I have enough problems inhaling gunpowder and getting gunk on my face with a regular AR… With this one you’d probably end up looking like a chimney sweep after each mag

  3. Finally! An upper that will cut down on wind resistance!!

    1. I mean lower….dumbass….guess I should be drinking bourbon at 9:00am…

      1. Too funny man haha

  4. Uhhh…I got nothin

  5. My tier 1 beard would get caught in this… also, no.

    1. Yep and Yep

    2. When does your face ever get close to the lower?

      Tier1 beards are between 5/8″ and 4″, any longer and you’re Duck Dynasty wannabe.

      1. I hope this only applies to beards and not my dick…cause I’m not trimming my dick.

  6. Dale Smith Avatar

    I could use this. I’ve been collecting parts for an ultralight AR. So far, got a 14.5″ pencil profile barrel, slick side upper, carbine length free float carbon fiber foreend, ACE ultra lite stock, umbrella grip, and a burris fast fire. It should be well under 5lbs unloaded. For camping/hiking in parks on the border. Legal to OC a rifle on state and federal land in Texas.

  7. cottewmitch Avatar

    AR, no. AK… maybe.

  8. I’m thinking it may have a lower chance of jamming. The skeleton design could /should allow dirt and crap to fall out of the lower.

    I’ve got an 80% laying around that I may try this on, it would look cool, however, I wouldn’t trust it as my “everyday” rifle.

  9. I want to see a high speed video of the internals.

  10. Tylermurr Avatar

    Shut up and take my money

  11. probably not going to use it in high dusty areas. I have see pictures of lowers blown out, with all the cuts in it you have to wonder how much weeker the frame is? probably a pain in the ass to keep clean. I would think chances of shit getting into would be so much higher.

  12. I like it but only for something like a range toy

  13. Do you make 9mm lower