Popularity Of The Deagle Brand Deagle

Check it out if you’re a fan of the pistol and video games:

I’ll add a .50 AE to my collection someday just for kicks.  Even if I didn’t shoot it on a regular basis, it would make a great paperweight.

“The game graciously overlooks the weapon’s impracticality for combat use” <– WHAT?!  I’ll pretend he didn’t say that :P

The beautiful use of Helvetica alone makes the video worth watching.

Thoughts? I know more than a few of you have Deagles.


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  2. Speaking as someone who wasn’t ‘into guns’ a lot until more recently but has been into video games since pac-man took quarters and was the height of graphics performance I really appreciate the sentiment in this video.

    I was thinking of where did I see this in cinema, and how was it’s now obvious impracticality ignored.

    The best movie ever for that example to me is Snatch. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR5jufwSqm8) the number of shots he takes with the thing is ridiculous but a perfect example of the movie/game ‘mine is bigger than yours’ mentality with the .50 cal vs anything else :)

  3. Impracticality? Definitively!
    He didn’t mention Tomb Raider… Lara Croft is rocking a dual-Deagle Brand Deagle to shoot off tigers, dogs and bad guys.

    For video games basing all their marketing on how realistic they are, it’s funny to see how the recoil is close to non-existing with Deagles…
    Or maybe I’m just not operator enough.

    1. Squirreltactical Avatar

      I don’t know if it’s from the more modern games or not, but whenever someone mentions Tomb Raider, I always think of her dual two-tone USPs.

  4. The Desert Eagle pistol (in particular, the .50AE model) is not a practical combat pistol. But I think it could still have it’s uses in certain situations… I’ve owned a .50AE Desert Eagle since 1995. I shoot it at least once a year. I’ve never experienced a jam or misfire. The first time I took it to the gun range, it was a 100-meter rifle range. My friend’s dad had a sheaf of targets that were simply a solid black 8-inch circle on a white sheet of paper. He put one of the targets out on the 100-meter post. I laid the barrel of the Desert Eagle across a sand bag and using only the iron sights (I have yet to scope it), I fired two rounds. We went out to check and there were two .50 caliber holes about an inch a apart, two-inches left and down from the center of the target. In addition, we discovered that one shot from the .50AE can explode a concrete block.