Swedish Marines Greased Lightning

They sing the song from the movie Grease:

haha good times… good times.  This is what happens when there are no girls around and no one to shoot at.

John-Travolta-GreaseThey sure don’t have very strict grooming requirements there!



5 responses to “Swedish Marines Greased Lightning”

  1. HAHAHA the easter egg at 1:01…….

    1. DemonicScience Avatar

      hahahahah omg, that’s awfully funny

  2. Definitively funny!

    I prefer this one though… http://youtu.be/B_zhaji9eos

  3. Manny Fresco Avatar
    Manny Fresco

    Funny, but I guess they still don’t teach rhythm at BUDS

  4. For deployed scandinavian troops its pretty much: If you can grow a beard, you have one.
    Pretty much the same when back home to, it’s fashionable and “OAF” among swedish soldiers