MrColionNoir And Dom Raso Be Like – I Woke Up Like This

For NRA News:

Moral of the story is don’t mess with China when there’s shit to fix at home.  Good to see Dom kept the beard for now.

NRA-News-Dom-Raso-MrColionNoir-ChinaOn a related note, I really hope in 2014 we continue to see a resurgence of American jobs being created in all type of industries which we were used to seeing dominated by low cost labor overseas for so long.


Note: For those of you who didn’t get the title reference.


2 responses to “MrColionNoir And Dom Raso Be Like – I Woke Up Like This”

  1. Andy Wolf Avatar

    Oh, damn. It happened.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      what what whaaaaa!?