Flexin Over Nothing – Gun Violence Prevention

When your successes are minimal to non-existent.. brag about it anyway:

I feel like that guy is trying to sell me a used Dodge Charger, and she’s actually a robot from the gun control future.

1:00 – 82% of gun owners support “common sense gun laws”?  Didn’t that number turn out to be a sham because “common sense” didn’t actually mean “common sense” in the traditional non-disarmament sense.

1:55 – In Colorado they put together a “state of the art background check bill”.  Same old “we stopped XXX people from getting guns” with YYY law bullshit.  Yea, because someone who doesn’t pass a background check couldn’t just buy one off the streets 5 minutes later right?  Criminals gonna be criminals.

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-Derp2:32 – That’s a good looking bus, I’ll give them that.

3:00 – They are touting that “Starbucks” open carry thing as such a victory… hilarious.



7 responses to “Flexin Over Nothing – Gun Violence Prevention”

  1. ZBalentine Avatar

    …aaaaand no comments allowed. Naturally.

  2. Typical BS numbers and scraping the bottom of the barrel for “victories”.

  3. I’ll give them Colorado but they need to admit that it ultimately cost them 3 seats and a ton of money. Which is actually pretty hilarious because they whined about about the NRA spending money in CO when Bloomberg spent FAR more by himself. Of course there’s a mental disconnect there. No matter how much they spend they never see results in elections, so many assume, falsely, that the NRA is spending more.

  4. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    90% of 30 round magazines have killed or injured a baby since they were first stamped. That’s true because I used a percentage.

  5. GameChanger Avatar

    LOL anytime you go to one of these prevent gun violence videos they disable the like bar and comments! I guess they can’t handle the majority’s voice

  6. dagamore Avatar

    Did Starbucks change their policy? last i heard they were still allowing open/concealed carry, in accordance with all local laws. But they had just asked people on both sides to quit holding rally/events/appreciation/boycott days at their stores. Lord knows i still CC in starbucks all the damn time, because its allowable and the store is not posted with any sign, let alone the right one.

  7. The CEO of Starbucks published an open letter politely asking people not to carry openly in their stores. It was little confusing because he made several references to open carry and then asked people not to bring in firearms at all:http://www.starbucks.com/blog/an-ope…d-schultz/1268