Bullpup AR-15 Homemade Conversion

Demolition Ranch with some cool redneck science:

haha when he said how he found the term “redneck scentist” offensive at the beginning of the video I was like “Really? 0.o”  the joke was on me though.


Pretty slick, I don’t know how big of a fan I am of having my neck right next to the opposite side of the ejection port and that near the chamber… That said, I don’t know ho much safer it is having your head 6 inches back either if something blows up.

If he refined the design and produced it I’m sure he would sell tons of them, regardless of how useful or comfortable it is to shoot.



8 responses to “Bullpup AR-15 Homemade Conversion”

  1. Doyletoo Avatar

    Damn clever combining the magpul angle grip with pistol grip.
    A “hook” or downward pointing piece could be mounted behind
    The receiver where the buffer tube attaches and be used as a buttplate.
    I also bet if he had a spare trigger it could be drilled out and attached to
    The bolt up front.

  2. As long as he still has the buffer tube, it isn’t a bullpup design. Just because he chooses to not use the tube as a stock doesn’t mean the rifle is any shorter. And even the piston AR-15’s I have seen still have a buffer tube since the carrier still needs a place to go when it is extracting rounds.

    1. Still counts as a bullpup because the action is behind the shooting hand. I suppose it could work better with an AR-18.

    2. FWIW, the Para TTR (which, granted, is apparently no longer made) does not require a buffer tube, nor does the Faxxon ARAK-21 upper, nor does the RRA LAR-PDS platform.

      They no longer use standard AR bolts, but they use the same lower, which I guess still makes them ARs.

  3. The standard model FAL has a recoil spring in the rifle butt, but the folding stock version have the recoil spring forward of the action. A similar engineering solution could easily be devised, and placing a shoulder pad at the end of the receiver would also help. It’s certainly not an impossible task, but it is building a new weapon with just some parts commonality.

  4. Looks like an interesting home made engineering project, but I wouldn’t want to run afoul of the BATFEJBNTWKWBFM (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearmes and explosives Jack booted Nazi thugs who know what’s best for me).

  5. You would definitely need hearing protection with your ear right next to the ejection port. I’m not sure it would be that comfortable to reload and charge, but it’s an interesting mod for an AR15.

  6. Nice piece of work. A few comments
    1) Recoil system etc will work better in line with your shoulder to deliver it into your mass. No point taking the buffer tube or equivalent, and then slinging it out at an angle or off into space.
    2) Stey AUG as an example of a bullpup already has the recoil spring system (the only buffer within the weapon) within the guide rails of the bolt carrier. In line with your body.
    3) Magazine controls can be moved forward and away from the magazine itself, no real mechanical reason why not, just a bit more messing around.