Tim And Susan Have Matching Handguns

This is what it takes to get into Sundance film festival apparently:

Hipster-Kitty-Makarov-Open-CarryI know it’s a “short film” but damn that was short!  That guy just loves the fact he can talk fantasy SHTF scenarios with his lady.  Solid plan on both carrying the same guns my dude.  Normally I’d make a comment like “Should have went with Glocks!”, but it’s 2014 now and I’m out here trying to respect decisions that don’t effect me.

They really should practice good trigger discipline always, not just when entertaining a cat.  P.S. I hate that stupid laser rear sight he has.

Thoughts?  Think this is going over well at Sundance?

Hat tip: Mark


12 responses to “Tim And Susan Have Matching Handguns”

  1. Ole'Wolf Avatar

    Sorry if this sounds “snarky” or something…but “Sundance?- feh, who cares?” Hollyweirders loving other Hollyweirds and wanna-bes…

  2. “So we bought three of them…” – Eh that isn’t that special, lots of people buy back ups for their carry guns. And a lot of guys have matched their carry gun with their wife.

  3. Taylor TX Avatar

    hahaha Keller TX huh, Im from Grapevine, right down the road :)

    I bought my wife an M&P 9 last year for xmas and shes still enjoying it, sadly not carrying it but, that takes time.

  4. It’s a good idea to be standardized with those whom you’ll be spending time, whether it’s in combat or around the house.

  5. Jonathan Avatar

    Was anyone else like, “please shoot the cat, please shoot the cat…”

  6. M&P is a much better design than the glock, but hey some people have asymmetrical hands that need steep grip angles and blocky unnatural shapes ;)

  7. I feel like there is a point in there somewhere, and I’m missing it.

  8. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Sorta surprised to not see “FIN” at the end…..

    1. Carl+1 for Avatar
      Carl+1 for

      +1 for that foreign/art film reference. Nicely played, sir.

  9. I guess the third one was for the cat.

    1. Makes sense. I know many pussies that carry Glocks.

  10. it doesnt seem like a good idea to be dry practicing your gay mag switcharo in your backyard with ammo present